Communication from Staff - Players need answers

Thanks for both sharing and having a sense of humour :laughing:
All needed improvements, less daily clicking needed!
I’d also add make loot tickets bountiful! 1 monster chest requires 8 if you run 8-7. 2 chests per day means 16. So VIP should give 16 loot tickets per day, not 3 :wink:
That would also save a huge amount of wasted device energy auto-playing. Do they measure that??


OMG, that multi summon tokens would be heaven. I had over 400 of the cheap summons saved up. Was a real pain in the ■■■ to go through them all. I don’t let them build up like that anymore…that’s for sure. HELL YES TO MULTI-SUMMON!!!


I just want to thank the mods for all you guys do. Seldom is our voice heard and it’s nice to know someone is listening!!! Once again thnx!!!


Thanks @Dudeious.Maximus Personally I feel that answers from SG are a “want”, rather than a “need”; maybe I’m just aiming low? I also appreciate the candour.


I got Atlantis coins by killing sea dragons. So in 2 month I am able to make at least one drawing. Valhalla and it’s Goblins are a bad joke 1 in 30 fights and I got food. So my next Valhalla drawing will be in December 2022 or later😭. My Juwels I spend for season 4 or challenges. So good bye Valhalla you are only good for getting experiences - farming is better in Atlantis.

Cheers Reder


I’ve been playing for over two years. I finally completed all of the TC20 roster a couple months ago, took almost a year to get the last 5 star (Marjana) running 4 camps non-stop. Incidentally, I got two of her on a ten-pull in costumes the day she came up. Never saw her from the training camp. This is ridiculous; there should be some sort of pity mechanism for heroes not yet in your roster, at least for trainable ones.

I spend minimally; I buy the monthly VIP, and a few other things here and there (like when 100 emblems come up in the goblin chest.) I also don’t play in a very active alliance, so my wars are fairly simple and I don’t get high-level titans. I don’t raid regularly so overall, I don’t experience the same pains as some players.

Still, as long as we’ve brought up QOL, a couple of things irk the crap out of me:

Event pulls: There is no reason TC20 heroes should be in there. You’re still far more likely to get a 3 star than a 4 or 5; they should be all event heroes anyway.

Power creep on season stages: I get they want to give some idea of increasing difficulty, but this gets annoying very quickly. There’s no reason a team of maxed 5 stars with 4 star troops and high talent tree levels should be doing piddly damage. It’s not difficult, but it robs you of any sense of power you’ve built up, and it’s very time-consuming just to get through a battle. Yes, I could use multiples of a color, but then you run into situations frequently where you have no usable matches. It’s lose-lose.

Troop leveling: I can take a new 5 star from 0 to max in a couple months tops just using the cheapest option for 1 and 2 star training. Why in god’s name is the only real source of troops stage farming (the trainable ones are a joke in regards to cost, time, and yield) and why do they offer such piddly experience? I figure it’ll take the better part of a YEAR to max a 4-star troop.


That would be amazing if we could! We have been playing for over 3 years I currently have SIXTEEN 5 stars waiting on the last ascension and I can’t get the materials needed. They are SO difficult to come by. Empires ‘claims’ they dont’ use algorithms but I think they do, I get the same damn heros constantly, I get next to NO troops, my highest Troop in over 3 years is a 15! That is an algorithms, plain and simple. My Alliance constantly complains about not getting what they need the seasoned players, but I am sure this too will fall on deaf ears of the staff I am glad you brought this up again.


Thats not algorithms - it’s just very-very-very low odds for something good. If you want more - you can buy more. Simple

Another way to ask the question or to think about this:

Do casinos give feedback if you complain about odds? No, probably not because they can’t change the odds behind a given casino game

How about if you want to give feedback about the amenities or VIP stuff, like free buffet and dinner for spending $X? Possibly. Depends who you talk to at the casino

You’ll get more dialogue from a casino than this mob simply because with a casino there are actual humans you can interact with in person instead of what happens here through a forum that isn’t even visited by them save for some token staff who are just puppeteering for short term appeasement


Some people liked what they’ve seen, I don’t. I think the fact that the staff doesn’t even know what the players want and have to ask mods tells us something. They just don’t care enough to come here and read.

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I actually wanted to reply to a different post, but it has already been closed (not merged… just closed).

A couple of people laughingly said, “would it even make any difference if the company responded to customer complaints?”

Um… yes, yes it would. Very much so.

There are companies I have done business with in the past. And when I had a problem with the products or service? I contacted their customer support.

If their customer support was awful? I never gave them another dime of my money ever again.

Those few companies that actually went the extra mile to correct their mistakes and apologize for them, however? I am still doing regular business with those companies today.

So yes. It absolutely does matter.

But what are the complaints about?

The odds of summoning? Well they are advertised, you choose whether you want to roll those dice.

You complain of the odds in a casino and see if you get the management down to discuss your concerns…well it’s never happened in any casino I’ve ever been in.

Are we complaining about the functionality? The game works so what more do we want there?

So if the complaints are about certain QoL changes like the Alchemy Lab having an easier way to bulk load, I can get behind that.

But mostly the threads just turn into an angry mob rabble and tbh I’d just shut the door and ignore it as well.

They have a game they have made available, you have a choice whether you play it or not.

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Summoning odds are what they are. I think they’re crap, but if they don’t want to change them? That’s fine.

At least maybe loosen the restrictions on access to S2 heroes? Seeing as how we are now on S4? I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

If I went to a car dealership and they tried to charge me 2021 new car prices for a 2018 model… I’m fairly certain I could find a manager who would be willing to lower that price significantly.

Would you at least agree with that?

I can say with almost absolute certainty that most people would not pay full retail price for a 3 year old car, even if it had zero miles on the odometer. Unless that car was some kind of one-of-a-kind classic collectable, which most heroes in this game certainly are not…

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Sure I can get behind that. I think S2 should now effectively become the same as S1. Move all the heroes into TC20.

I don’t spend any money in that portal anymore, not sure what the metrics are but I guess whilst it remains profitable they will keep the Atlantis portal alive. But close it as far as I’m concerned.

I just don’t see a AMA still thing ever happening. It would become a mess real quick.

But if you just go with selected “sanitised” questions it’s not going to appease everyone either.

At this stage I just accept the game for what it is and my decisions to play it hinge entirely on whether I’m still having fun in it. When I get to the stage where I’m ready to switch to the rabble I’ll just walk away. Same as I always do.

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I’ll repeat what many others have said, that if it were not for the alliance / community aspects of this game, I would have already dropped it a long time ago. I just figure that, as long as I’m still here playing and trying to “git guderer” to help my alliance and all, well how can I git guder? Get more 5* heroes? I’m on it. I’m trying. Got 2 TC20s running full time, just started my first HA10 retraining, farming all the dumb Valhalla and whatever nonsense just to pull another 3* after X hours of grinding (stupid pathetically low summoning odds)…

I’m trying to make my roster more useful and relevant to keep up with… well, you know, all the crazy new stuff they keep releasing that I’m somehow never lucky enough to pull for myself. But I’m failing to do so, because the only way to keep up with it all is to spend tons of money that I don’t have (and even if I did have it, I wouldn’t spend it on this.

I’d hate to bid a permanent farewell to this game, as I have friends here, and it was a fun game for me once upon a time - but I’d hate even more to have to spend myself into bankruptcy just to try to stay somewhat relevant… I can’t do it and I won’t do it. Game still is somewhat fun for me sometimes - I enjoy wars, but I feel like useless dead weight when my opponents have teams that I can barely even make a dent on.

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Well… They are actually not very visible.
Why not write that under the hero as it shows up?
HOTM 1.3%
Legendary 1.0%
Dawa way too much%

But the real question is…
Do we really think the game would be as profitable if the proper information that many can’t calculate was shown?

Drawing this hero costs on average 7000+$.

I’d say no, although humanity keeps astonishing me since social medias :woman_shrugging:t3:


There is one moment - most of players when see a 5% chance think that they will receive 5 of something each 100 summons, but this don’t work in this way :slight_smile: In fact, most of players will receive 1, max 2 of something, someone will got nothing and some more fortunat (least of all) will get 5-6. It’s how works gatcha (gambling).

Not only that… but when a portal says you have a 1.5% chance to pull a legendary hero… it does not specify which legendary hero that will be. If you have a 1.5% chance to pull a legendary from a subset of heroes, and there are 10 legendary heroes in that set, but you’re only really interested in 1 in particular… your actual odds of pulling that specific hero are 0.15%.

Yes, that is how gatcha gambling works. I get the impression from your posts that you think this model is good? I happen to disagree. I think gatcha is garbage. I think it’s a horrible way to monetize a product. By that, I don’t mean to say that it’s not successful. It’s obviously successful for the company selling it. But I think it’s an awful rip off to anyone who buys it.

That’s just my opinion though. You are of course free to disagree and support it, if you actually believe that it is a good model.

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Here on the forum they are often accused of being negative and they say that if a person is dissatisfied, he will write about it 10 times, and if he is satisfied, he will be silent. And what do we have as a result? On the forum, butterflies fly, ponies run, most players get the next shiny new heroes from a couple of summons (of course free). People see this, go to make summons, summons in hundreds and get nothing in most of cases :slight_smile:

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Hah! Quite true.

Whether people decide to spend or not, whether they can afford to or not, I think it’s important for them to fully understand ahead of time just how low the odds really are.

I constantly complain about how low the odds are, and most don’t listen.

Then they buy a 10 pull and complain that they didn’t get any 5*s? You’re not supposed to get a 5 star hero from a 10 pull. Not realistically at least.

That’s why I don’t buy gems anymore. They are not worth the price.


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