Communication from Staff - Players need answers

That’s definitely the first thing I would ask SG.
Knowing that hard work is remunerated improves my QoL a lot.

I’m really not ok knowing there’s people working for free for a billionaire company.


I agree that it should be better. But that’s my argument here.
We complain they don’t communicate. But they do.
We complain we don’t like how they communicated. So perhaps they improve that. Then we will complain about what they’re communicating.
When something deviates from the exact plan we will demand an exact answer in that moment.
This doesn’t even get into what happens when they decide to not answer questions or just say “that’s what we’re doing (see hero academy release)”.

We the community have created a negative feedback loop for their communication. I’d love to see more but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking it will suffice.

As I think about it more, I’d like to see us, the community define success for communication.
If I look back to the OP, it specifically calls for responding to repetitive questions. I imagine a scenario where SG says to us, the community “hey, the mods are going to organize a Q&A based on the top questions from the community. Use this thread to discuss questions to be asked.” Will we be happy when most of the answers are “we aren’t planning to do that?”

Do we really just want them to say “because this strategy makes money?” Do we just need to hear them say everything is about the bottom line?


That is quite disturbing, isn’t it?

I was always hesitant to say so directly to the mods, because I respect them, and I know that they mostly do the job out of love for the game and the player base, but really… asking people to voluntarily moderate their forum 24/7? That would be like me owning a bank and asking the people who lived in a nearby neighborhood to form a volunteer neighborhood watch group to protect my bank because I’m too cheap to hire salaried security guards.

Do I really want them to say that? If it’s the truth, then yes. I really do want them to say that.

If they actually care about the game? I want them to come out and tell us, “yes we care about the game, we are going to work on X Y and Z to make it more enjoyable, because we appreciate you all as customers and we want to keep our players happy and continue to provide them with a fun experience that doesn’t just feel like a pay to win money sink”.

And if they only care about money? Then yes, I want them to come out and say “this is strictly business, we are here to make a profit, our only interests are in adding content that is potentially profitable for us.” Now of course they would never actually come right out and say that, as that would be PR suicide. But by not saying anything at all, the rest of us are only left to wonder, and fill in the blanks ourselves.

And that is exactly where I came up with

“this is strictly business, we are here to make a profit, our only interests are in adding content that is potentially profitable for us.”

That is me filling in the blanks myself based on (1) my experience with them thus far and (2) the fact that they haven’t explicitly said otherwise.

If they were to come straight out and tell us directly that it’s only about the bottom line? I’m obviously not going to give them any more money, but I would give them another +1 in respect for at least being honest.


If that’s the case yes.
Despite being more honest it would provide us the tool to be listened: keep our hands out of the wallet.

It would also make the relationship between the players and SG healthier, even if that meant going different directions.

Because, seriously, if you treat your clients like cows to milk it’s no wonder their frustration comes back at you :woman_shrugging:t3:


Perfectly stated (and without the giant wall of text that I used to say basically the same thing) :grin:


Ok this is going slowly off the rails form what was originally we was talking about. Actually thought we was having a decent decision.

For one petri asked me aswell as the other moderators before we signed up are you interested in becoming a moderater, I said yes end of I don’t expect to be paid for it.

One reason they have actual players to moderate the fourm is we are players tooo… Its not Seen as over policing as staff merging everything or sorting out flags that have been flagged. Its sorted by people they trust to make sure the fourm runs smoothly. Which can help you lot.

Let’s keeep back to the topic. (or ill put it in slow mode thang), :wink::sunglasses:


Here is my current stance in a nutshell:

If they come straight out and say that they’re only going to focus on things that increase their revenue from big spenders, they will not get another penny from me.

If they stay silent and just keep doing what they’ve been doing so far, they will not get another penny from me.

If they come out and tell us they are working on a bunch of amazing changes that they are sure we are going to love, but never actually deliver on that promise, they will not get another penny from me.

If they come out and tell us they are working on a bunch of amazing changes that they are sure we are going to love, and they actually do, and the changes are actually good, and not just geared towards rewarding big spenders, then they might actually get a few more pennies from me. :slightly_smiling_face:


OK as a player what do you think about how this game is going so far is it worth holding on because things will get better or do you think there will be worse things to come especially for players that struggle to keep up.

Are they just interested in how much they can squeeze out of players with these new events and pop up deals.

And also Do you think the QOL they apparently bringing in will change things for the better surely there something you can give us. Or you think QOL will be behind a pay wall.

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Apologies… I just personally enjoy talking about any subject, really. I was never really one to stick to a single subject without occasionally veering off onto related tangents. I will attempt to refocus though for the sake of forum integrities and such.

I am still waiting for my own moderator position offer?

Probably just got lost in the mail. I will check again tomorrow.

That’s actually a very good argument for keeping the position voluntary. It would probably be hard to remain impartial if you were getting paid, I imagine. :slightly_smiling_face:

I will try my best! No promises though.

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Honestly I think a few things was rushed season 4 for example Id rather get springvale out the way then introduce season 4.

I do feel that f2p players are a disvantage on certain aspects of the game I don’t chuck loads of cash at the game either, I kinda look on what Iv got and how they can help my squad. Sure I have bit of a advantage on that £20-£25 is my limit.

Qol well have to see they are looking into it. I’m happy with what I got I’m working on to make my offence better. I’m in a new alliance we doing cool It’s not being about no#1 for me.

Reading this place is a advantage I and everyone else has. Heros that people think are “bad” but someone else finds a good use for is always I like


I just got to keeep to fourm rules. :wink::+1:

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I respect that and I would like to apologize in advance for the 1000 or so times that I’ll probably end up going off topic. Feel free to merge my random ramblings wherever you see fit to place them.

But in all seriousness, to get back on topic, it’s great to finally hear something about what actually goes on behind the scenes, because before you posted that, I just imagined typical SG/Zynga meetings to be like “how much money did we make today and what changes can be made to ensure that we make triple times that next week?”

Would be very much appreciated if one of them were brave enough to come out and address us personally. But I do understand the potential danger in doing so… one company representative says the wrong thing and suddenly the entire company’s stock value is in the toilet, LOL.

Here Here

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Thanks for answering some of me questions bud.

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What would you like me to answer.

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Not sure who this was directed towards…?

But I’ll go ahead and assume that we each get to ask at least one question.

My question would be, regarding the above post… you and several of the other mods brought up a lot of the issues that have been bugging a lot of us players for a long time. I am thankful that you guys aired those concerns. My first question then would be… what was their response?

Have they mentioned any specific issues that they might be currently working on addressing? Or are they still just in the planning / gather data stage, with “more info to come later”?

We haven’t heard anything to be honest we’ll probably know when they make a statement about it on here.
But from what I recall kira did say should be spring time.

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Spring technically started here in the U.S. on March 20th :grin:

Technicalities, of course.

I’m mostly just giving them a hard time at this point. :wink:

You understand why, right? It’s not meant to punish them.

Just as I’m sure they never meant to punish me every time I get bad loot or really bad summons.

I would like to put the shoe on the other foot.

I want them to give us stuff now.

I’ll spin a wheel and decide how much I like it. They have a 1.5% chance of getting a good review from me, with a bonus 1.5% chance that I might throw a couple more dollars their way.


There are a lot of Myztero owners in this game. I think odds for something live, helpful and adequate will be much less.
99.9999999999% automatic message with link to Zynga’s TOS to read
0.0000000001% automatic phone line with CHANCE to be redirected to live support with another CHANCE to be redirected to developers.
It’s like things in this game - you absolutely have ability to get something useful, but chances for this ridiculous (with high price)

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