Communication from Staff - Players need answers

Will we ever actually get some form of humane response actually from developers or staff that address the constant repetitive questions that so many of us are asking?

Months and months go by and we never get anything of any worth addressing the concerns or sharing any kind of the game life balances.

I’m not interested in getting flamed by all the low level newbie players who are still finding their way in the game. But seasoned players, 12 months + etc who are well and truly hooked on the game, grinding hours and hours, and cash after cash, we deserve proper communication.

Can we get some form of commitment from staff to actually answer some of our questions if they’re put to them?



Maybe for cash… :slight_smile: New portal in the game for summoning staff


To be honest the only thing I want SG developers to tell me is …
“ what will the promised QOL stuff be that we were all told about in the sneak peak? And when will we see it?”
Perhaps if SG tell us what it is they are releasing around QOL - more people will stay in the game


Short answer: no. They are busing counting money.
Srsly guys, you hope to have Q&A with staff?, This ain’t 2017 :rofl:


Long answer in this case: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :slight_smile:


At this point I wish they would just SLOW DOWN

Even if the new stuff was good, its just arriving way too quickly imo.

Using the time to work on QoL stuff, some of which has been needed for YEARS, would go a very long way towards rebuilding a relationship with increasingly alienated players.


I completely agree with this. 20 characters

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Nothing they say will make us happy.

If they bring something up like costumes it will be met with overwhelming hate. If they bring something up like QoL improvements we’ll sit here and demand to know when they’re coming. Then when they enter the game unannounced we won’t give them credit for it and find reasons they were bad (e.g. four week springvale calendar is a money grab or four week event calendar is too much).

There is no incentive for them to have an honest conversation with us. It’s a lose lose and threads like this show them exactly why they shouldn’t.


Answering is not hard if you have answers. If you haven’t even given any thought for something you cannot answer properly. This is probably the case for QoL as radio silence proofs this.


:rofl: 20chars of laughing agreement :rofl:

No communication is still communication.
And a common by-product of guilt.

Curious? Ask the Fi[l]fth.

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God forbid if they share QoL improvements and we ask when to expect them. Every project will have a timing plan behind if its actually going to get worked on and introduced.

Transparency and openness would go a long way


It took them >1 year to fix the bug in Ursena Kage and other similar heroes. It took them some time to fix Lady Loki. Did they explain why? Nope.

They fixed the Alfrike/Wu Kong fast enough. Why? Cos they want players to keep pulling for Alfrike, for rush war.

Unless it brings in more revenue, whatever is requested for will be considered lower priority. Perhaps if an XL whale writes in asking for this or that improvement, it may just happen fast enough.

I wouldn’t bank on the game Customer Service or Devt Team paying much heed to player requests, unless those requests bring in revenue.

If you are that unhappy, perhaps it’s time to move on.

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Until they get behind. Or change direction. Or we decide those aren’t the things we want.

They told us improvements are coming this year. Now we sit and demand to know when and what’s changing.

We fool ourselves into thinking more information will make us happier.

If I were them I’d be communicating future plans less.

An aside: trainers in hero summons can be seen as a QoL improvement this year. Many people did not understand the concept and many more disliked it anyways. Communication is a lose-lose. I’d be interested in examples of when they announce changes and it’s met with overwhelming support.


It is possible to have constructive communication, but it doesn’t appear to be something that they’re interested in doing. And I can understand that — software development has a long cycle, even if you’re Agile, and people don’t understand what is involved.

And that’s ignoring different goals (making money vs playing the game) and the very lopsided availability of data.

The classic example of when they do communicate and it goes badly is when they replaced Atlantis coins with Valhalla ones. The outcry was massive.

So when they did it again with S4, they didn’t bother announcing it. They just did it. I still think that was lousy to not at least mention it, but there was essentially no outcry.

So, yeah, why bother communicating when they get blasted either way? And particularly if less communication ends up with less outrage?


I’m still amazed there is yet to be a follow up after the raid formation. Not even a “we’ll look into a few interesting things we found and report back…”. Nothing.


Chop chop staff players need answers I would like to know what’s going on aswell.

Even when staff does communicate we claim they didn’t. Sorry to direct this at you but it fits this thread well.

Was this the best place to respond? No
Was this as visible universally as it should have been? No
Do we have any idea when and how formations will return? No
Did they communicate? Yes
Does it really make us any happier? No


The point is that trainers in hero summons can be seen as QoL. Or cannot.
If you impose some QoL change it better be something the vast majority of players considers QoL.
Was a survey run throu the player base (not just beta, forum, whales, etc)?
Was it given as a choice so only people who actually consider it QoL can use it?

One simple example of QoL could be giving the 50 NT flags altogether.
It wouldn’t bother who like the current situation (10 a day) and it could be useful to the other players.
There is literally no draw back for any player so imposing it doesn’t change its QoL nature.

If you, as a company, introduce a change that is meant to make life easier for your customers but is not liked by your customers there is only one possible explanation: you’re doing it wrong.
Either you weren’t able to correctly address the term quality in QoL or you weren’t able to make the customer base understand why it is good in the short/mid/long run.

Possible reason for the latter being :drum: :drum: :drum: :drum: lack of communication?

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As someone who has used all 50 flags each time, doesn’t giving everyone their flags all at once mean I’ll be more likely to rank lower next time because others have more flexibility?
Is that a good reason not to do it? Absolutely not. Would it receive push back? Absolutely.

I like your qualification about what is QoL.

I consider 4 week event schedule and 4 week Springvale to be QoL improvements. I’m aware others do not.

Even the top ideas in the idea category only have a few hundred votes showing how little support some ideas have.



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