Communication between alliances at war

I know it’s been said and requested before but I’m asking again, it would be nice if we could have a “mini global” chat with members of opposite alliance during war.
Hey @2Spookd @Wormwood it’s being a nice war!
I one shotted 2Spookd on my first attack but lost internet signal and when returned, all tears, 0 points and 5 heroes gone :joy::joy:

Oh yeah that totally happens to me too. :smirk:
Definitely an up hill battle for us but we’re giving it a shot!

Btw I totally expected a reaction out of Hingle…

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Yeah we saw that, some response might come after the final result… and we have 2 members who quit the game this week also, but we are looking for new ones
Anyway it was nice and a good test, out first war with less members than the opponent

I’m lmao, great way around it… Great war ! I would’ve recorded some had I known… :grin:
Good Times !

PS. My defense is lonely!

Yes, I should have recorded my first attack too. Oh and my defense too! I’m not even close to tops and still no one attacked me, I’m disappointed :cry:

:grin: next time ! :facepunch:

R th hgfg

I paid you a visit and I recorded the 3 times that I hit you.

I made sure to get you near the end on my alt account!
I was stretching those lvl 1s trying to make it work. :rofl:

Hahaha, that’s awesome I noticed that last night…I’d like to see some of the action…That was a good one, congrats!

@Wormwood @2Spookd
Great fight! Glad I got beaten up a few times, about time!
I’m sure we will meet again soon

Likewise, and I hope so…That’s a nasty team btw. :grinning: :facepunch:

Chat between alliances in war?
Certainly not!
This could get nasty pretty soon. No thank you.

It is one thing to do raids against people you know, and joke about it in PNs. All nice and friendly and for fun.
It is a completely different thing to talk with strangers in a competition situation. Such situations tend to get nasty.

It is enough if the leaders communicate if they wish. Oh, and our leader got insulted once and called all kinds of nasty things once, after our alliance won the war.

Forget it. Not interested.

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But it would be exactly like there is the global and alliance chat, just another tab (war chat). It’s avaliable to flag and report anything wrong… but I totally get your point. We always think about the funny side of things

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I’m not sure how well this idea could get implemented…

I mean half the alliances I’ve faced speak another language, and 70% of those use another style of keyboard altogether.

Yeah it would be cool to be able to chat/taunt each other… But as a feature it would be hugely underwhelming in return for the coding and risk of brings of breaking another aspect of the game. There’s already tons of reports of chat not working to begin with.

Just not worth it overall

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Has anyone suggested an emote communicate platform, or like the ability to send pre-written messages from a list?

So you could at the start of the war choose one:

“Good luck - you will need it!”
“Good luck!”
“We are going to crush you!”

Or something like that.

Then during the war an alliance could send up to 3-5 messages total.

“You guys are doing a great job. Quit it!”
“We are seriously questioning the matchmaking right now.”
“Amazing war!”
“Sure you killed [random member], but we didn’t like them anyway!”

And at the end, choose up to 2…
“That was an interesting war. Thanks for the memories!”
“Great War! Let’s never do this again!”
“Best of luck in your next war!”

Edit: the chosen text could show up like this, so wouldn’t require much UI change:

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