Communicating with fellow alliance members

Tl:dr how do you get messages directly to another alliance member?

How does your alliance effectively communicate through chat or “other” means to get a message to a specific alliance member?

Our alliance is pretty chatty which obviously causes the
Chat to scroll and in turn may cause a less active member to miss a message meant for them. What are some solutions that your alliance has found?

Is there any chance that SG might create a way to “tag” a fellow alliance member so that when they log on to play they would know to scroll up and find the message or maybe just click on the notification and go directly to the message? Or is this an intended design to make the game more individualistic even while in an alliance?

You can change the color of the text. You can also add emotes. I’ve found changing the color is most helpful to bring attention to a certain message

Hope this helps you. If you scroll through you’ll find links about color change, adding emotes etc

I’ll definitely try that as i was unaware you could change the color.

Should help, thank you.

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I stumbled upon it awhile back and it has really helped. People tend to pay attention to bright red text [#FF0000] before you type will turn your text red. There are many other colors but I remember this one offhand.

Many alliances use external chat apps like line, discord or messenger. Such apps have many more features than in-game chat, including private messages, posting images/videos, creating albums, creating separate groups e.g. for leaders only and many more.


Forgive me for being a complete techo idiot. Do you just place the codes in the message box as you are typing?

I.e. [%125] the message here. [#000001]

Then “send”

Thanks again for your help

Because. Humans.

This is a design because trolls suck.

Personally my alliance uses Line app, but only 33% of our alliance uses it.


( "@" Function in Chat – Tagging or Mentioning Players in Chat)


Thats what i was kind of hinting at. We are trying to get members to use whatsapp but that requires a phone number and it seems many people would rather remain anonymous or at least not give out personal info, which i completely understand.

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Didn’t even consider the troll problem. So true though. Anonymity can creates A’holes.


You can use Line or Telegram if privacy is a cause of concern. My alliance uses Telegram and you don’t have to provide a telephone number, just a nickname to add in a group chat

We use Line. If you create an account using phone number or email, those aren’t revealed to other members so you can stay anonymous. You can also create account with disposable email like Guerilla Mail or 10 Minute Mail or any other, there are multiple similar services available.

You must be invited to the Line group by member so there are no trolls.

My previous alliance was using FB messenger so I just created a fake FB account to join.

Nice, i will definitely look into that. It seems that line is rhe way to go.

Thank you

Yes @Petrifiedquagmire, just type that before you type the text you want to be red

Emotes are even easier :lol: is :joy:
:Hankey : is :poop: etc

Minus the space with the :


I’m in the Crew family and we use Line as well. No need for numbers and you can some good groups for advice and mercs there as well

Very cool, i had no idea. Thanks.

When I first started using emojis in our game chat the other members didn’t really show any interest. One day I used a very appropriate “hankey” and suddenly everyone wanted to know how to use emojis :joy:


Why is hankey :hankey:? Is this a European term? To me, a hankey is something you blow your nose with.

Mr Hankey is a South Park character.

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