Common troops + titanium shield tactic

There is a little debate in my alliance about the value of the common troops obtained via the bug in the last version (the basically 0* troops you begin the game with) and titanium shields. Several think these will make a massive impact in damage dealt (one person said an extra 14% damage vs. an unleveled 1* troop, which I doubt). Me, not so much. I know there is a damage calculation out there but I don’t quite know what it is and how accurate it is, nor how it would apply in this situation.

So, is there a massive hidden value to these or should they be fed away?

The damage calculation thread is here

I’m not convinced the difference would be very dramatic


Can someone help with the math here LOL.

Thanks @JonahTheBard

What’s distinctive is that a normal 1* Troop has a 7% Defense buff, but the Common Villagers have 0%.

That means a Hero will take more damage, which in turn means more will reflect with a Titanium Shield.

I wouldn’t expect it to make a radical difference, though.

An unleveled 1* Brand has a 148 Defense stat, so for a 7% bump, you’re talking about the equivalent difference between Brand at 148 and Nightshade at 159.

Since we don’t know Titan attack stats, calculating the exact difference is tricky — though we might be able to figure out the percentage difference.

But you could also try it out and record several hits to compare. Because damage amounts have a random component, we’d need to look at several strikes from the same Titan to have that be useful.


It’d be very hard to calculate that, because currently used damage calculation is not working correctly when higher attack/defense ratio happens. Other thing is if titans do damage according to it or they have their own.

And to correct @zephyr1 a bit - best hero for titanium shield is 1* Fletcher with 141 defense and “offensive” 1* troops gives +4% defense. So the difference (in case of Fletcher) in defense is 141 vs. 146,64.

On other hand, if you are using Muggy + Kailani/Gunnar + 3 Fletchers combo then it makes sense to keep three dark villigers for it as troops don’t take any space and you probably won’t mind losing 3x40 xp either because it’s very likely that the damage will be slightly higher.

I’ll try to remember it and test it (I wanted to see the difference in damage according to defense anyway), but I don’t use shields very often.

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