Common Summon Portal for multiple Event Heroes!

While many oppose the introduction of new events & combine this opposition with a reasoning that older event heroes like guardians, etc are not available more frequently becoz of the new events being launched, I have a different view.

If it is REALLY about wanting to try to get older event heroes, then, instead of opposing new things, let’s suggest & ask for innovative approach from SG : To introduce an Event Summons Portal, similar to the Legends Summons for older Event Heroes. The frequency can be for few days, every 3 to 6 months, where Event Heroes of a certain vintage are all available together.

I am aware that Hero Academy does solve some bit of this issue, but, this is a suggestion for those players who are relatively newer (HA is still far away) & want a faster access to older event heroes.

What say ?!

Moved it into the idea and feature requests categorie. Edit: or I didn’t :thinking:

I like it. In the end with all the new events you will be able to pull once a year in your desired portal. And if you miss your hero you have to wait for another 10 months.
So either some other portal, or the inclusion of 3* and 4* event heroes in either tc or academy.

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Without needing new events or portals, they could just put all the ‘classic’ event heroes into Tavern of Legends, including all the 3s and 4s so that 3 and 4 star pulls from ToL aren’t 100% disappointing. how about that?

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Or maybe they could be moved to the proper Hero Academy levels with a certain chance.
(I have never use the rare and epic hero training in HA. This would make me using it.)


This is also a great idea, but didn’t they specifically say in the Q&A a couple of months ago that they weren’t going to do that?

ok, not specifically, but here is what they said:

Are there any plans to improve the hero academy to provide better value to players, such as; adjusting the odds on the legendary training, changing some of the less popular training options to make them more useful ( such as HA levels 5 or 8), or allowing the building to run 3 functions at the same time similar to the Alchemy Lab?

  • TIM: Not specifically no. I know that this is and has been a major ask from a lot of players, but we just have to be very careful with the economy of the game, and giving better value, in the sense that it’d be way more effective for free collection of heroes, is something that is very risky for us to try to do.”

Yeah, unfortunatelly they said this yes :frowning:

Yup, we know exactly what they’re talking about :smirk: