Commander Grey

What happened to Commander Grey? Shouldn’t he be a playable character? I always thought he was the Torne … does anyone know?

Well, my best guess would be that he turned into one of the Dark Lord’s minions and died alongside him. :thinking:

Thorne could be his brother. So after Grey died, he lost all his emotions and became and ice cold finisher. :joy:

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I always thought it was Thorne.

After Elena defeated him, the game let us understand he died. At least, this is what I understood back then.

If I remember correctly, he is defeated after the P22 outpost.


That must be it. I still haven’t gotten past Province 22 so I didn’t know he was beaten. Likely Thorne is his successor

Well, technically, you yourself is the successor since everyone refers to the player as the commander. :slight_smile:


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