Commander Grey back as a Hero Of The Month

Commander Gray shows himself only once in the game tutorial. He loses a battle against the Dark Lord alongside Lianna and Colen and then disappears forever.

He has Quintus’ Special Skill “Thunder Ultimatum” and he’s a Legendar/5* Hero and was using similar clothes as Thorne.

Here is some screenshots in case you don’t remeber him:
Commander Gray icon

Commander Gray fullart

Since you have already his artwork done, why not bring him back as an Season 3 hero or even a Hero of The Month? :slight_smile: It would be funny.

Maybe Thorne is his son and takes the place?

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Someone else posted about making the darklord a playable character too.
I wouldn’t mind either actually but may have to change them up a bit special wise as time moved on.
Def be cool for hotm addition :+1:

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Why not having both x-) specially if added to the TC20 obtainable heroes.


Yeah like a fixed version of Thorne would be cool. A slight lower damage to enemy and nearby enemies + def down with defense down resistance or 10%critical hit element link would be cool


Did I hear someone say costumed Thorne?



Clearly Commander Grey would summon eyebrow minions …

…yeah, but only when you equip the costume at midnight under a full moon…

Commander Gray is Thorne’s disguise

Yeaa… Commander Gray and Dark Lord should be add to limited time summon portal when SGG make revamp “Hard Level” to Season 1.

Oh well… another F2P friendly idea.

I don’t remember where I read it, but I heard that the uniforms Thorne and Grey wear (which are similar but different) represents the insignias and garbs of high-ranking officers in the Corellian army.

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