Come to Tilly! Join Talons of Wildwood! I am looking for newer level players especially! I am part of a 3 alliance family and I want you to grow into one of my very special beasties!

Hello there :grinning: I am Tilly and I am looking to fill up my 3rd alliance we are currently at 14/30 members. I’m especially looking for newer players in love with the game and wanting to grow as fast and efficiently as possible. We are facing 6* Titans and using green tanks (not currently required) in war.

Must join my discord family of Talons
Hit the Titan 6*
Use all flags when in war

You may be a stellar communicator, or a stellar performer, or an up and coming beasty no matter which one you are you can find a nice home right here with me and my Talons family I assure you that you will not regret Joining Discord and you will not regret joining Tilly!!! We are currently open invite so feel free to pop in and check us out or feel free to message me I am one of the stellar communicators after all :joy:

If you are looking for a great Alliance come to Talons Wildwood great people great leaders who willing to help in anyway for you to grow and to learn game, all leader have great advice have helped me grow stronger and smarter in game Thanks Raymac

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If you are in your first months and looking for a good place to really grow, consider Talons of Wildwood. Great resources and fun people

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Been a member for 3 + months and have grown so much. This alliance is so much fun come join we all have an amazing time. Have such a variety of members got the big dogs that kick butt and some like me still learning. Great place to learn for sure.

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You have grown in leaps and bounds since you have joined us. You are a true Talon! Your enthusiasm and loyalty are amazing! I am so proud of you Ray and grateful to have you in our team :heart_eyes:

A really great alliance with people from around the world. The Discord is great and you will learn a ton about the game and how to progress as there are people of all levels. Been a part of Talons for almost 2 years now!

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I adore you Frazzy :heart_eyes:

still looking for players! great group to rise with

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Where are all the beasties at?!! I want you! I need you! I gotta have you! Come fight by Tillys side!

17 members now tilly :slight_smile:

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Yessss!!! 17/30 members now @Rigersa I can’t seem to get it edited and I have edited it before lol!!! I am just not awake enough or something.

Come join a great Alliance with people who really care about you , all leaders are always will to help you grow to become stronger and smarter they have help me so much in my game to become a better player and stronger player, I wouldn’t be at my level so fast without them, only been in wildwood a short time loving every moment will won’t be disappointed when you join

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21/30 members now!! woot!!!

only 6 spots open now!!

This is a lovely group, supportive, eager to grow and smash titans and wars! Join up today!!

I can’t edit this right now, but we are on 8* titans now. I have 6 spots open too!

7 spots open now!!!

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