Come to me please

Come on, developers. You have turned entertainment into a tragedy. I own 6 heroes all 5 stars and paid the money. Will I spend the rest of my life waiting for the tools of escalation. I am crying now. Do you want me to beg you?

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Not the rest of your life, just one year.

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100% of your owned heroes are 5 stars. That’s impressive.

It takes around 6 months for the materials to Ascend a single rainbow set of 5* heroes give or take outside of spending money.

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You might want to consider leveling some of your 4s first (quicker) and focus on the 5 when you have (or close to having) the ascension materials for final level. Welcome to Empires and Patience :wink:


You are missing out on a large part of the game if you only have 6 heroes and they are all 5*. I’d strongly recommend saving and training up some 3* for some of the events and the same for 4* heroes. They are easier to train up and take less ascension items. The 4* will also help with fleshing out your stable to enable you to participate in Alliance Wars and potentially gain more ascension items.


thank you guys. more than 6 months in this game
all my 5* heros are lvled up to 70
I’m waiting for 1 tabard over 3 months “ sartana”
3 tele. 2 tonic
today I spent 3000 Gems to get 1 tonic all I got is crab
I’m sure I will not continue playing this game

Do you do all the rare quests ?

By the way I am in my 7th month and I dont have a 5* hero.

I dont even have a red 4* hero. :crying_cat_face:

But my first TC 20 will go online next week. :joy:

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I spent alot of mony to get 5* heros …
Believe me getting 5* heroes is not an advantage because you will tire and lose more money so you can raise their level

For me it’s harder to get the hero than the items, I wanted a 5* dark hero for a long time, I have bought gems to pay for dark elemental summons, I did 40 pulls and not any 5*, the HoTM was also dark colour and I got 0. Now I have 12 tabards sitting in my bag, don’t know when can I finally put them in use.

I think my Tabard count was up to 21 or so before I got a dark hero to ascend. Then I got several at once. It will happen. Just keep playing the game and having fun. You are already prepared if one falls your way.

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Make everyone wear an extra layer. It’s chilly in that mountain stronghold!