Come to me please


Come on, developers. You have turned entertainment into a tragedy. I own 6 heroes all 5 stars and paid the money. Will I spend the rest of my life waiting for the tools of escalation. I am crying now. Do you want me to beg you?


Not the rest of your life, just one year.


100% of your owned heroes are 5 stars. That’s impressive.


It takes around 6 months for the materials to Ascend a single rainbow set of 5* heroes give or take outside of spending money.


You might want to consider leveling some of your 4s first (quicker) and focus on the 5 when you have (or close to having) the ascension materials for final level. Welcome to Empires and Patience :wink:


You are missing out on a large part of the game if you only have 6 heroes and they are all 5*. I’d strongly recommend saving and training up some 3* for some of the events and the same for 4* heroes. They are easier to train up and take less ascension items. The 4* will also help with fleshing out your stable to enable you to participate in Alliance Wars and potentially gain more ascension items.


thank you guys. more than 6 months in this game
all my 5* heros are lvled up to 70
I’m waiting for 1 tabard over 3 months “ sartana”
3 tele. 2 tonic
today I spent 3000 Gems to get 1 tonic all I got is crab
I’m sure I will not continue playing this game


Do you do all the rare quests ?

By the way I am in my 7th month and I dont have a 5* hero.

I dont even have a red 4* hero. :crying_cat_face:

But my first TC 20 will go online next week. :joy:


I spent alot of mony to get 5* heros …
Believe me getting 5* heroes is not an advantage because you will tire and lose more money so you can raise their level


For me it’s harder to get the hero than the items, I wanted a 5* dark hero for a long time, I have bought gems to pay for dark elemental summons, I did 40 pulls and not any 5*, the HoTM was also dark colour and I got 0. Now I have 12 tabards sitting in my bag, don’t know when can I finally put them in use.


I think my Tabard count was up to 21 or so before I got a dark hero to ascend. Then I got several at once. It will happen. Just keep playing the game and having fun. You are already prepared if one falls your way.


Make everyone wear an extra layer. It’s chilly in that mountain stronghold!