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Silent Implosion
1800 Cup Requirement

ALMOST BRAND NEW! We have recently broken away from an awesome, CASUAL group to build up a more competitive alliance. Looking for like-minded individuals who are 18+. We want to build the same family atmosphere but with a more competitive bunch of folks.

5 of us killed a 6* rare, and with the two new additions 8*s should be possible.

3 of us are in the 100K club for titan hits. We have won all wars since the alliance has been formed. Come play and slay with us we would love to have you!

Wish list:
• Individuals who will play daily
• Individuals who will hit the titan multiple times
• Individuals leveled 35+
• (War is optional), but individuals who opt in for war will use all flags. The Alliance War is a point
game, use those flags wisely. Have a 3800+ war defense team (we all have 4100+ teams but are
willing to work with individuals) and a solid bench. Kamikazeing war flags is not acceptable.
• Individuals across the globe, that way we can have people on around the clock. English is the
common language.

We use Line Chat and have a line bot. These are great tools to share information, post teams, review war strategies, socialize, and increase team growth. We are hoping to attract long-term friends, that have a fun, friendly, competitive nature and corky sense of humor. Starting from scratch we get to build up an alliance we all can be proud of. If this sounds like a place you can call home, please look us up: Silent Implosion
Line ID: Toya_76


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