Come share how many Valhalla Coin you managed to farm!

I got five coins from one gnome (from a total of nine gnomes found). Thanks for creating this topic and including a poll @Hamkaling! :+1:


I found 7 gnomes in total, 2 of them gave coins (5&10), so 15 in total. I didn’t use flasks, as I save those for Atlantis always. (And some for AQ)


Found 27 gnomes received 45 coins total. Leaving me 5 coins short of a summon as had 55 since last valhalla forever.

4/5 Flasks - 15/18 Coins - 12/13 Gnomes

I have spent these flasks as I needed 13 coins to make a summon… Went to do the summon and… no portal there.

Did they change the time for portals? I just missed my golden coin to try Lord Loki.

Final outcome: just another event that sucks…

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Not too many votes but it’s really discouraging so far seeing most have really bad luck (SGG said it)

It’s 2.5 days. Not 3 days.

I got mixed up too. Lost track of time.

This run was better for me. More gnomes, more stuff.

Last round was only 14 gnomes. About 7-10 flasks.

This round yielded 25 gnomes. Similar number of flasks.

Coins? Im getting ham and iron crates.

No change from last count. Still 65 coins.

Last round : 14 gnomes 70 coins. Go figure!

This round more crates. Ham n iron, mostly iron.

18 gnomes 50 coins - 15 x 1, 10 x 1, 5 x 5
Used 1 flask when I was filling in a nature chest at 4-8.
Not bad this month. Last month I got 5 coins in total lol.

That’s pretty decent, I think?

Managed to get 25 gnomes and auto-played 36-9n (went for the last S3 missions). I only got 15 coins in total, 30 orichalcum, some food and iron bundles, few emblems and far to much useless dragon bones and meteor fragments.

12 flasks
9/45 gnomes
18 coins

I can’t see how farming here is lucrative.
XP maybe, but the rewards for levelling up aren’t exactly worth it either.

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5 gnomes, 0 coins, 0 flask

P8-10N is decent for farming. 3WE per run.

14-16 recruits
10-11 items
1-2 hero feeders and/or feeder troop every 2-3 runs

That’s all I do in S3 besides farming another 2 avatars.

Wow, what stage and province did you farm? That’s very unlucky. I “farmed” 36-8 and 36-9 on normal and got almost the same amount of Gnomes without using any flasks.

Got 35 coins (5+5+5+20) from 15 gnomes using one flask. A flask gives me 56 WE.
I farm only 3 We stsges, mostly 3.8 and 3.8

Happy gaming