Come play with us OnlyZuul

We started a new alliance and would like to invite others to play with us. We’re a relaxed group that wants to play bully free. We were in another group for a long time that had become very stagnant. The leader never promoted anyone and wouldn’t kick anyone out for not playing. So we ended up with a group with over half of the members with 100+ days of inactivity. Nobody is married to the game and we all have lives! We all miss a titan or a battle sometimes but it’s obvious when someone has stopped playing all together. So, anyway come play with us! Just remember Ghostbusters! “No Dana OnlyZuul!”

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The Silent Crusaders have just done the same as you, and we have 19 spots open. Our members are between levels 24 and 62 and are working our way up the small titan ladder (maybe you can help get bigger titans).

Check us out
Judge President Paul

We have six members. I can ask them.

Sorry, no dice :man_shrugging: You guys are welcome to come check us out

It would have been easier to move 6 than 11, but nevermind. All the best

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