Come over to The REPLACEMENTS

3 spots are now open, opening new war chest , won our last 6 wars !
‘The Replacements’
If you have 2200 cups but can be adjusted to accomodate an active player; have the desire to grow with us, and be part of the team. Come check us out! Taking down 10*+ titans daily , come be part of the experience and have some fun along the way , line app optional but preferred for communication 18 yrs and over
Further chat line @ cita or wand1234567 image|281x499

Cups set a little to high for this very active player

Interesting take given your post about starting your own alliance 17hrs ago where you specifically tell players with high cups not to join…

Not sure why you’d bother trying to sabotage someone else’s recruitment if theyre not even in direct competition with you?

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Give me an overview of your team and we may be able to accommodate you or we can chat on line app , line I’d cita

I think there is some mistake I started that post months ago, but have recently moved to The REPLACEMENTS, a decent dedicated team with now only 2 slots available, get in fast !

I started my own guild a few days ago and it seems no one wants to join my guild since it’s only me with 1500 to 1700 cups.So I feel I’m stuck in the middle between being patient and see if someone wants to join and get the snowball effect rolling or join a guild with about 100 K war points.My team power is just over 3K now .I have been playing for just 2 months and have 5 legends so I am very active

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