Come on SG?

I’ve done everything? I have my little dragon? Why is still so difficult?

Looks like you’ve missed a few titans.


Since you mention having VIP, are you talking about completing the summon portion? Do you save your silver Summon Tokens between each PoV? Also, this most recent update will be adding an additional daily summon you can do by watching an ad. So, by having VIP you could get 3 summons daily just from that.

Also, for the daily challenges there isn’t much leeway…there is only 8 days left with 3 a day - so 24 daily challenges left (as you have finished all 3 for today). There are several great threads with data gathered and advice given about completing PoV. I recommend doing a search and checking some of these out. Hopefully this will help you complete the next PoV :nerd_face::nerd_face:


well, titan wise, you are behind on that. I’ve missed a few, but need 1 more to complete it

Yea, sometimes outside my playing hours but still very strict…

That’s why it’s a Path of Valor. You should still be able to reach 48, which is the important one.


I’d give you a like but I’m currently out of likes. :see_no_evil:

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You still have time to complete the titan component of PoV by mercing. Alliances are always looking for merc help - keep an eye on Global Chat, in particular the general and peer support rooms.

As @OAlexisO mentioned above, if a few daily missions are missed there is no way to complete this.

Great tip for the next PoV.


I have problems with this watch an ad and get one free summon thing:

And the mystic vision tower works properly. So not my internet connection is the source of the problem.

Its the same message here too…

You have to wait till you have a mystic vision.
Than FIRST watch the add in the summon Portal.
After that watch the mystic vision add.

It only works like that. If you first watch mystic vision the summon Portal add is not available for 4h till you get the next mystic vision.

@dansing @Boborjan


This worked for me, thanks.

I even see the logic to it. However, the error message is so easily correctable that it’s still pretty infuriating.

Merc your titans, do your dailies, finish this round of summons. You should easily clear level 48, and will probably complete the whole thing. Titans alone is around 4K points.

I reached level 49 and might get the chest tomorrow before it resets, thanks for all the advice everyone…

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You are going to be deeply, deeply, deeply, deeply disappointed if you spend real effort to get that chest for level 50. Marianas Trench deep. Finnegan’s Wake deep. You might compose your own Sylvia Plath poem.