Come on SG, your sound effects sound like 1987's Double Dragon!

With the exception of maybe Sif and Baldur, all the impact sound effects resemble the punching sounds from DD. Does Taito own SG and Zynga? Come on guys. Have a little self respect. You have Evelyn with the special named “SHATTERING WARCRY” and it’s not shattering nor is it a warcry. It’s just a 1987 vintage punch sound. Cao Cao has the same sound. Most of the offensive specials sound the same.

Don’t be lazy and cheap, spend some of that daily cheese from all those money icons completely obliterating my screen and upgrade the sound effects. You clearly demonstrate the willingness to build new artwork, so why not the audio? It’s time to move into the 21st century.

Here’s a link for comparison. Tell me it doesn’t sound the same:


Balthazar’s lighting is stock sound effects.

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First thing I did, over a year ago, was turn off the sound. They should commit at most $10/month (total) to making sound a priority.

I immediately thought of Kageburado after reading the title.

The game has sound???

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Wait people play this game with sound?