Come kill 10* titans with Tacos & Titans


Helpful group with a good mix of experienced and learning players. We’re killing 10* titans regularly and every so often an 11*. Come be part of a special alliance.

Our only requirement is that you have at least 1800 cups and hit the titan regularly.


Minimum cups and/or team power? If you have any of those requirements, I think it’s a good idea to mention them.


Good call, kahree! Currently, we just require you to have 1000 cups.


Hello, I sent a request to be in your alliance. I am “RagingLemon5”. I have only been playing a few months and have put in many hours raising the power of my team (currently 2640). In the next few months I intend on raising my power level substantially. I was in an alliance that had an inactive leader and lots of titans were getting away due to lack of active members. I am hoping to join an alliance that has a group of dependable players and will start defeating these titans consistently. I would love to be of value to you and your squad, Thanks for your consideration.

The Lemon that Rages


Well, we’re down one player again. Come join us! We have tacos!


We have killed a 9* titan! Come be part of a special group of folks.


Hi DaMage, do you have a spot open for me?

I have around 3.1-3.3k team power depending on the team setup, and 2k in trophies.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Nick in-game is Johaan btw! :smiley:


Once again we have room for one player. We’d be delighted to have you come join us!


Bump bump bump!

Come help us knock this 9* on its rump!


Come find a home with us… we have tacos!


Salam Aleykum arkadaşlar nasılsınız Turkiye aze klanina herkesi bekleriz 6 yada 7 *titanlari kesiyoruz bize katilin sizde kazanin


Wa Aleykum Salam, Totu. I’m sorry, but I don’t speak Turkish.


Due to life issues, we now have three spots open. Come to Tacos & Titans and bring a friend!


How can you turn down tacos? And titans!


Everybody is recruiting before Alliance Wars starts, but it goes without saying that we’re the nicest group of folks you could ever join up with.


We’re still recruiting. We’ve still got tacos!


Still have open slots if you want to join our Alliance Wars team!


Alliance Wars was fun. Hope to have you join is for the next one!


We just killed another 9* titan and are in the 24hr run-up to another round of Alliance Wars. Come join us!