Come join us at WorldPeaceTreaty!

So yeah we are on to 7 star titans now at WorldPeaceTreaty. If you’d join us then you could get in on the action. But that’s none of my business…

casually sips hot tea

Our last alliance war, we won. Come join us.

Look at all the harpoon hits! Need some titan parts? We generate them on the daily. Come join us at WorldPeaceTreaty!!

Soooo you want titan parts? Did you see how many harpoons we hit that titan with? We are now handling 6* titans and shortly we’re gonna be handling 7* titans. Better get in while you can…

This is me in the game, I just leveled up to 50. In case you thought we were a bunch of light hitters. We ain’t. Come join us at WorldPeaceTreaty!!

Our second attempt at a 7*

It would be nice if you’d join us and participate against the next one

Sidebar-why are the wings so big they disrupt the “titan hunt” wording? Anyone got answers?

So two people joined in the last couple days. Didn’t do anything didn’t say anything, then left. I’m gonna post it so y’all know. WE AINT LOOKING FOR THAT. How about you participate with us instead of not doing crap for 2 days then leaving??

Had another deserter and we still defeated the titan. We have 12 spots open. Anyone with a small alliance want to merge? We haven’t let a 6* escape in a while and we will get to that point with 7* titans soon. Just think of what we could accomplish together!

I know this fluctuates but we keep climbing while people join us for a few days then leave :thinking:

Maybe it’s not us that’s the problem…:man_shrugging:

Another deserter…we are 17 strong now and could definitely use some people. I’m very thankful for the ones that have came into the alliance and stayed.

We’ve defeated the last 2 titans after the desertions. Come join us at WorldPeaceTreaty.

13 openings

We defeat titans and win wars. Want proof? :point_up_2:

Hi I’m looking to join a dedicated alliance, I’m an active player, only been playing for a week though. Still getting to grips with the game, need a few pointers can be trusted to play every day.

Well we would be happy to have you. We have a solid group that’s stuck together awhile now. There’s usually someone who can answer questions. We just ask that you stay active. Thanks!

Ok so what to do next? I’ve only been playing a week but I’ve almost reached level 10. Just need a few pointers on what to do or what to get.

I suggest joining an alliance if you haven’t done so. Like I said we’d love to have you. As far as who to get, just focus on leveling what you have. You also should decide whether you’re going to be f2p (free time play) or c2p (cheap to play) or p2w (pay to win). I consider myself in the c2p. Been at this right at a year and am level 50 with a bunch of heroes. Try to level your buildings up at the same rate. But it takes awhile. This is a long term strategy game with a lot of waiting around. It’s easy to get frustrated but when you join an alliance they will help you if you just let them know what’s going on. To do that tap the alliance icon at the bottom of the screen. Then hit the alliance tab at the top right. Search for WorldPeaceTreaty and join. If you type in that Arturius sent you (that’s my game name) you’ll be accepted into our alliance. Hope to see you soon!

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