Come join us at *BOMB SQUAD*

*BOMB SQUAD* our name may be aggressive but we are welcoming and loving!! We have a great community of friends here and are looking to fill an open spot/or take a merger.

Our members are very active, just looking for active titan hits/war hits. If you aren’t going to be available for war, simply opt out. Otherwise, we are an easy going active and fun alliance!

We take down 8 and 10 star titans!

At this point we really are just looking for someone with decent titan/war teams that will be an active titan/war hitter. If this is you, we’d love to have ya! Being funny is a plus!

Looking forward to seeing you in game!
Contact info/ Line ID: Abe7999

-War Strats
-Line group chat
-Tons of info

Just want to say this makes it sound like 10 star titans get a free pass :laughing:

Well-written post, good luck with the hunt :slight_smile:

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