Come Join Turpitude! 29/30. Killing 14* titans

Can you change alliance to open? I would be a very good fit.

Hi, @HardCoal99
Please just join and someone will let you in.

Like XIX said, just request to join and we’ll let you in. Looking forward to seeing you!

We are looking for one new member to join our merry band of miscreants. 14* titans, simple war strategy, and low pressure is the name of the game!

One spot still available. We are filling our war chest today, so come get in on the ground floor.

One of our illustrious comrades is stepping away from E&P to focus on real life matters, so we now have space for TWO of you fabulous folks! Come on down, and bring a friend!

Two openings for our family. Just filled our war chest, so it’s a perfect time to join!

Two spaces still available. 14* titans, easy wear strat, laid back vibes !

Well, the game burnout bug is running rampant. We’ll be up to 4 spots available tomorrow. Still stringing 14*s, so this is a great time to join the family. As always, our rules are simple 90k minimum on each titan and use your war flags responsibly. Great group of supportive and knowledgeable people with no drama. Hit us up here or in the game!

4 spots available. Come join and bring your friends! We’re an english speaking international group with a war strategy that allows maximum flexibility in hit times.

Still looking for four.

Four spots still available!

Mixed group of people around the world, having fun, killing titans, winning wars, no stress at a highest level. When full, in the top 100. Come join us and have some fun.

Three spots still available.

Three spots still available.

Need some people to complain to about how much you loath the Ninja Tower? Turpitude is the place for you! Or are you the one weirdo in your alliance who actually likes it? We’ve still got you covered, because I’m that guy and we could use another! Bring a friend (or two)!

Three spots still available!

Three spots still available!

Come on in and join a fun and very active alliance!

We have one inbound after the war, so two spots still available!

14* titans, simple wars, good times, two spots available!

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