Come Join Turpitude! 29/30. Killing 14* titans

Turpitude has one rare opening. Do you like the loot of stringing 14* titans without the stress that comes from constantly pushing for top 100? Turpitude has been as high as #50 (without doing anything special), but usually floats around 150. If we get to be a top 100, it’ll just happen by all of us getting stronger. No sudden pushes for cups, etc. Do you want a supportive, knowledgeable, somewhat irreverent group of good people? If so, we’re the place for you! We’re an english speaking international alliance and our war strategy allows for a wide range of hit times. Our only rules are 90k minimum on every titan (preferably more) and use your war flags wisely. Come join the turpitude family!

Like the boss says above. One spot still available!

Sick of your alliance blowing the war strategy? Come join Turpitude and leave that all behind!

Two spots open. Come join and bring a friend!

Still stringing 14* titans with 28, but we would love to share the loot with 30. 2 spots open!

Bump bump, two spots still available!

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Great, fun alliance that occasionally reaches top 100 without the stress of a top 100 alliance. Scroll up for discord link.

Been stringing 14* Titans for about 10 months without having to let one go.

Two spots open for some good people! Turpitude has been going strong for over 3 years with no rebuilding needed. Come join the family!

Still looking for 2, come join us and kill some 14* titans, great loot not guaranteed.

Only one spot open, what are you waiting for.

One spot still available. We are just starting a new war chest, so it’s a great time to get on board!

I am looking for a new alliance, please invite me if it looks like I’ll fit

We’re at full strength, better luck next time.

Two spots now available!

Sadly, we lost 2 longstanding players to the scourge of game burnout/disgust over power creep. That means there’re two opportunities for new members! Still stringing 14’s with 28 members, but it would be a lot easier with 30.

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