Come Join Turpitude! 29/30. Killing 14* titans

One spot still open for our fun, semi-competitive alliance. All of the loot with half the stress! :slight_smile: If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact us here!

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Still looking for that special someone to come and join the party!

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Looking for love in all the wrong places this Valentine’s Day? Then come have a look at Turpitude!


I’m sorry you have not joined in for Valentine’s Day but you till might make it for next aventures with us! Have what it takes? Reach out if you think you do, one spot available!

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Full roster! Thanks for checking us out!

One of our merry band has moved on, so we have one space available. 14* titans, 90k minimum damage, simple war strategy, green tanks with a purple setup for rush wars. Discord and heroplan available and encouraged, but not mandatory. Come on down!

One spot still open.

We are fully subscribed once again. Watch this space for future opportunities to join the glamourous world of Turpitude!

After one lovely Wednesday of full membership we have another spot available. Sent a message or come check us out if intereseted.

Have a spot open. Should be able to crack top 100 on the upcoming mythic Titan if we have a full roster going in.

One spot still available. In and out of top 100 when full. Come check us out!

One spot available. We’re a very supportive and helpful group, most of whom have been here years. Stringing 14* titans without skips. We have simple rules: 1) 90k minimum on every titan. 2) Use all your war flags responsibly. 3) Don’t be a jerk. Come join the Turpitude family!

Discord link is expired… would love to drop in and check you out…

I am curious. I am extremely happy in my alliance, but have been recruited by some top alliances, which has made me consider testing the waters in the rarified air of the top 100.

Level 73, Defense team between 4730-4780, depending on configuration, 42 maxed 5*, 23 (mana), 20, 11, 11, 11 troops for all colors, never missed a war flag or a titan in two years…

Post a valid discord link (last one in this thread is no longer valid) and I will drop in and have a chat…

My profile, if you want to have a look…

Hi, @AnomanderRick our Discord link is

I’m starting to look for a new alliance that is closer to full and a bit higher level than where I’m at now. No real rush but my search starts today. Let me know how to get in touch with you. I have line and discord. I’m 4600+ defense, >35 maxed 5*, lvl23 troops and active daily.

Hi Tige. Discord link is right above your post. That’s the best way to get in touch with us.

Bump! (20 character limit…)

One spot available. 14* titans, and out of top 100 when full, dark tanks with holy for rush wars.

One spot still open.

Come join the fun, kill some titans, revel in the glorious loot!

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