Come Join Turpitude! 29/30. Killing 14* titans

Hi, I want to join but it said only invitation. I could join after finish war in my current alliance at Sunday :slight_smile:

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Just tap join, and someone will let you in. We’re great group, I’m sure you’ll like it here.


I did but someone reject it

You’re accepted, Fei.

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Yep, thank you so much :slight_smile:

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As the weekend draws to a close, we have three open spots. We’re trying to foster a friendly down to earth and fun group. We’ve chained 14s for years. We don’t push any spending. We’ve supported #NoSpend and we are a nice place to be serious without having to spend a ton of money.

After we decided as a group to sit out the war this weekend to support #NoSpend we’ve got people hyped to get back to kicking ■■■ in wars. Come kick if with us.

-BT in game


Hi everyone, come join us @ Turpitude. It’s an amazing alliance with a great group of people from around the world.

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Turpitude is a great place to live! Come on over and join up!

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Hey you heard Tige and Colby, it’s an awesome group of people come and join us at Turpitude. We currently have 3 spots open, come and bring a friend.

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Hi everyone, we currently have 4 spots open. Come join an amazing alliance full of great teammates. So if you like killing titans and kicking butt in wars come on down and join us @ Turpitude.