Come Join Turpitude! 29/30. Killing 14* titans

We are full. Thanks for all who expressed interest.

BT leader Turpitude

Hi everyone, we have 1 opening to join an amazing alliance. Come on down an join us at Turpitude.

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Hi everyone Turpitude has two openings right now. Good group with a long history. We try to keep it light and fun.

You should have level 18 troops or better. Need to hit the titan for 90k per day. Use all flags or opt out on war.

We opened chest recently so opportunity to get close to 100% share of next war chest. We chain 14 titans and have for close to four years.

BT - Leader

Can vouch for turpitude. Great group!

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Thanks Chorak.

1 spot filled. 1 remains. Come get it.

Hi everyone, 1 spot to fill. Come on down and join an amazing alliance.

Come join us at a good time. We’ve won four of five wars. Group has a positive and collaborative vibe. We haven’t let s titan escape in well over three years. Plus we will score well in next week’s alliance quest without requiring spending or any massive roster requirements.

We ask that you regularly participate and strongly recommend level 17 rainbow mana troops.

Hi everyone, come join us at Turpitude. Great group of people having fun killing titans and winning wars. One spot open. So come on down and join us at Turpitude.

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Hi everyone, just bumping our recruiting thread. Come on down and join Turpitude. Great atmosphere and great people. One spot still open.

Bumpingup our recruiting thread, come and join an amazing alliance.

We have one opening. We are perfect for someone looking to step up into a top 500 (often top 200) alliance. Friendly group. No pressure to spend. A balanced approach to titans (we’ve killed 14s for well over three years). We have a relatively unrestricted war strategy. All in all, a good place to continue to grow your profile.

You will be most successful with a set of level 23 mana troops. We highly recommend at least a set of 17s.

BT, Turpitude leader

I would like to join on Monday, After the Alliance Quest. OK?

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Assuming we aren’t full, come on over.

Hi everyone. Sick of escaping titans and unused war flags or just need a new landing spot. Come on down and join an amazing alliance with a great group of players chaining 14* titans and kicking butt in wars. Full capacity we are a top 200 alliance. 2 spots open.

Absolutely join after the quest. We’ll be glad to have ya.

We’ve got two openings as of tomorrow morning. If you have a friend, the more the merrier.

What name do you play under? We will keep an eye out.


Hey everyody, want to join an amazing alliance. Come on down and join us at Turpitude. 1 spot available! No drama just competitive and fun playing. Looking forward to seeing you.

Hi everyone, come and join an amazing alliance full of great people. Read description above for more details.

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One spot remains. We may open a fresh war chest this weekend. Great time to join. Come grow with us.

One spot open in an amazing alliance. Read description above. Come on down and join Turpitude today, you won’t regret it.