Come Join Turpitude! 29/30. Killing 14* titans

All full now!
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Looking for one, come join turpitude.

One space available! Still early in the war chest, so it’s a good time to come check us out. Anyone looking to join should have minimum Lvl 17 troops. Not trying to be too exclusive, but we don’t want anybody to feel way underpowered when they join.

One spot still open. Come check out Turpitude!

Hi, I’m interested in joining the alliance! What is your war strategy?

Hello! Sorry for the late reply. Work has been crazy for the last couple days. We currently run red tanks. We’re spread across the globe, so we have a pretty flexible was schedule. On weekday wars, we Kill 10, wait for them to respawn, then go for as many wipes as we can. On weekend wars, we wipe, kill 10, wait until 14:30 left to start the second wipe, but don’t finish it until the farmed teams respawn. After that, it’s kill at will.

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Turpitude has one opening available! Stringing 14* titans with no escapes for about 2 years. Great group of supportive, helpful, and fun members. English speaking alliance with members across the globe. Heroplan and Discord are optional, but highly recommended. 2400 cup minimum for entry. Most of our war opponent teams are between 4800 and 5100 TP, so any member should have at least a few attack teams of that caliber. Minimum Lvl 17 troops. Not trying to be too exclusive, but we don’t want anybody to feel way underpowered when they join. Our membership has a short list of rules:

-90k minimum on each titan. Stop hitting the titan when you get a B until less than 12 hours remain. (Titans were dying too quickly for everyone to get their hits in.)
-Use all your war flags responsibly and within our strategy, which is posted in the featured message. All members are expected to participate in all wars unless something like travel will make it so that they won’t be able to make their hits. Then, uncheck for that war.
-Failure to use war flags or meet the titan minimum without a reason (or the titan dying with more than 12 hours left) will result in a warning. Next offense gets a kick. However, real life happens sometimes. We’re not going to kick anybody for an unexpected emergency. (We’re not jerks :grinning:).

Thanks for the info, I would like to join your alliance tomorrow after the war if you’ll have me. I have 40+ 5* heroes and stay around 2600-2700 cup range. I also always attack the titan and particpate in wars.

Let me know what you think, thanks!

Looking forwaed to having you, warrior! When you request to join, just let us know it’s you if your game name is different.

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One spot open, come check us out!

Sadly, we lost another 3 year veteran to game burnout today. Two spots open! We’re still stringing 14’s with no issues, other than keeping them alive long enough for everybody to get hits in. Come check us out!

Do you guys require line or discord ? I’m thinking about leaving current alliance, thanks

Hello, Wardaddy! We have a discord, but it is not required. We primarily use it for providing useful information such as calendars, guides, etc. There are a lot of good resources that have accrued there over the last 3 to 4 years.

Thanks, I’m going to give them to right after next war so I don’t leave on a bad note, I meet all your requirements, 5090 def power, level 23 mana troops, hit for average of over 50k per hit on 11s and 12s , have a good one

Good luck in your war! (As long as you’re not facing us :grinning:)

Kinda doubtful at this point might not take down a ten star lol 9 hours left 11 haven’t hit it. Including the leader, can’t deal with it, thanks

Well, at 28 members, our 14* is down to 700k with 11 and a half hours left and war matchmaking hasn’t started yet. You’re welcome to come by.

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Sounds good, as soon as wars over I’ll be there !

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One spot open for our alliance! We lost another OG of the alliance to the game retirement bug. :frowning_face: He left some big shoes to fill, especially on titans. The new member will need to drop 120k per flag on 14* titans…just kidding (sort of). Same rules described above will apply and we still have no problems killing 14’s. Come check us out!

Still have one spot open!