Come Join My Alliance!

Hi! I just left my dying alliance and started my own It’s called The Kop End. I’d love for any of you to come and join me. All I ask is you have at least 1000 trophies and help with Titans. Thanks for your time.

Um… You might want to add the name of your alliance too. GL

Ps. There are so many people starting up new alliances, it might be an idea to find an active alliance. Especially, if you are now a solo player.

It’s tough filling a new alliance and starting again from 1* titans. Nevertheless, I wish you success.

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I agree with Sarah. If you started with a few friends, I could see why you may want to stick it out, but if you are a team of 1, you won’t have much fun. You will get better loot if you are at a higher titan level as well. Good luck though.

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Maybe he did, dunno.

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I searched for Come Join My Alliance on the off chance…

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For some reason I thought I put it in there. The alliance is called The Kop End

Thanks for accepting our teasing. Consider this a post bump up!

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