Come join me!

Thanks @Lagun :grin:

Two spots to fill actually; I’m happy to take in anyone who’s active and around the 1800+ cup range :blush:

Wish ur alliance get the fully member asap! This will be rare opportunity to join the good alliance with fully support form you!

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Yeah, we do fill up fast, so won’t be long till we’re full again. Though, I’m doing a whole revamp, so I still have room to fit a couple more people in before we’re full for good :blush:

Thank you for being so supportive @Lagun :grin:

Is this still open? Looking for a new home potentially.

2000 trophies
Team power 3200
Play as often as I can, normally do all my war flags / titans unless something major comes up in my family

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Yes, we still have some openings; you’re more than welcome to join :blush:

As long as you’re active, and have 1800+ trophies, you should make it in just fine :grin:

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It clearly states that I’m recruiting in both the post, and the comments (and it’s under alliance recruitment)… So yeah, this is my recruitment post…

Please don’t post recruitment ads on other people’s recruitment pages, it’s not very kind.

Good day


Nop, you support me when I need help, and you help other , without ask for reply, u just do it because u are kind! U and @Titee will always in my heart! And I dare to recommend because I know u will never let down your ally , u will help them with what u can!


You’re probably one of the kindest people on this forum; I don’t even come close. I hope you know how much I appreciate the kind words, really :blush:

Hope you know, that if you ever need anything (help with something, questions, support, etc), always feel free to tag me and I’ll do my best to help as soon as I can. You’ve always been kind to me, so I’m more than happy to return the favor whenever asked/needed :grin:

Thank you for being so awesome; you’re the best :smiley:

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:blush: TY Randa! We will support each other for better gaming experience! How about your recruitment? Already full?

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I’ve got one spot open now :blush:

Was willing to home @Titee for the week (if you’re still looking)

Or else I’m looking for someone who wants a permanent residence with us Ravens. We’re up to 10* Titans and growing. Happy to take in anyone who’s active and can meet 1800+ cups. One spot. They always fill up fast, so lemme know :blush:


Thanks @RandaPandah. I will find you.


It wasnt intentional as I clearly stated in my reply I thought it was you who was looking for an alliance and so I was soliciting solely to you and no one else. My apologies as I did intend on disrespecting your post.

I’d like to thank @Titee for spending an awesome week with us; I hope you had fun :grin: Sorry I wasn’t around to say bye earlier, but I’ll do so now. Always know you’re more than welcome back with us anytime :blush: Gonna miss having you around, but good luck and have fun on your future E&P endeavors. Lemme know if you’d ever like to visit, or stay, in the future :blush:

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I now have one spot open for an Active E&P individual. :grin:

Happy to take in anyone who’s active, loves this game, and meets the few requirements (18+, 2000+ cups).

Hit the Titan daily. Opt in for war? Use all flags. Opt out? No problem. If you think you’ll be gone, just let one of us know :blush: Or else three consecutive misses is a no-go.

We’re fairly laid back, but still have fun and accomplish a lot. Currently fighting 10* & 11* titans. Winning most wars. & Our chest just reset, so perfect time to stop by :blush:


Don’t be late to be in this awesome alliance!


Thank you very much @RandaPandah for your warm hospitality towards my stay. Even if it was just one week, I felt really great about it. :blush:

Your alliance is awesome. It has a kind leader, warm and relaxing atmosphere, and nice people.

I would really like to recommend this alliance to anyone who is looking for a good one. You will feel like a home here. With insight information and strategy, especially from Randa, you will grow fast!!


Yes it is a really good alliance. Only one spot left!!


Thanks again @Titee and @Lagun :grin:

I’ve still got one spot open. 2000+ cups. Active only

Come join me over at Ravens of Valhalla, or hit me up on Line for more details:

Line ID: randapanduh :blush:


1 spot only, active player don’t miss this!

Thank you again @Lagun :blush:

We are now full.

If there are any openings in the near future, I’ll be sure to revive this recruitment post once again.

Til then, if you ever wanna talk game stuff, hit me up on line :grin:


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