Come Join ‘Guardians Ascending’ of the Guardians Family of alliances. 3 spots open! 4200+ TP. 13* Titan3

Guardians Ascending is the 5th level of the Guardians Family of alliances. We strive to play at a high level while having fun and growing an advanced roster.

•4200+ TP
•2000 cups
•War is generally expected, FFA, All flags used, occasional opt out is ok (we understand real life gets in the way from time to time lol)
•Hit the titan daily. Hit early hit often. 100k average damage over 10 titans.

We are an active group with a friendly atmosphere looking for dedicated players. Stop in and say hello. Request to join and mention this ad if the doors are closed, come on in if they are open! See you soon! :grin:

GUARDIANS FAMILY OF ALLIANCE’S: (Listed from Training to Advanced):
Guardians Rising Academy - FULL
Guardians University - FULL
Guardians of the North! - FULL
Guardians Ascending - 1 spot open
Guardians Reborn - spots open

If you like natural charm and good looks, this is the alliance for you!

Bumping this - still looking for a few more to join us!

Still looking for a few fun loving, but competitive folks to join the family. Drop in and give us a try!

Just graduated a few - have several spots open now, come join the fun!

Bumping. Come give us a whirl!

Come one, come all!!

Looking for a strong active alliance… 5000 team with 40 plus 5* leveled. May have 2-3 others willing to join.

That would definitely be us - just won our last war by >500 points. Feel free to request to join or hit me up on line.

My lineID is TheShrimps

Guardians Reborn looks like your top alliance…any spots open. Line ejmksu94

Not currently, had several move recently. Your welcome to join us in Ascending until a spot opens up in Reborn if interested

What level titans is ascending hitting?

Looking for one more, preferably a strong titan hitter, to get us chaining 14s again!

Reach out here, ask to join in game or reach out on line (lineID: TheShrimps)

Still looking for one if anyones interested. Give us a try!

Just graduated a member, looking for one to bring us back to 30 and chaining 14* titans!

Request to join or hit me up on LINE
(ID: TheShrimps)

Hope to see you soon!

Still looking for 1-2 players (we currently have a temporary visitor from elsewhere in the family)! Come on by!

Bump! Still looking for one, come by and check us out

Still looking? My current alliance has dropped down to about 3 active players and things just aren’t happening. Two 4200 5* teams plus more 5* being built. 2200 trophies. I’m a regular player but may opt out of the occasional war. Love to talk strategy and could probably improve my game by learning some more. Not interested in teams that do “stirkes”.

Guardians Ascending is currently full, but … we have some openings in Guardians of the North! (Leader Thunderwing).

Guardians of the North! is also a member of the Guardians family of alliances. It is the alliance just below Guardians Ascending.

We are currently at 25 members and are therefore fighting 12* titans now. If opted in for war, we ask you to use all your flags, but it’s no problem to opt out of war.

We are very relaxed and helping each other with any questions they may have. We are international, with most of us from Europe or the US.

If interested just knock at the door and we‘ll let you in. Just refer to me when requesting to join.

We had a member move up, so have a spot open if anyone wants to join an awesome group!