Come Join Fight Every Day!

[#fff400]”Lurking” for a new alliance?
[#00ff11]We got room for one… click on my avatar and check out [#fff400]Fight Every Day!

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At Fight Every Day (FED), we expect our members to:

Strike the Titan 3-6 times (after all we Fight Everyday!)
Participate in every Alliance War
Join in on the friendly banter filled with *** and *** oh and at times some ***.
If this sounds good and you have:

15-20 Good Heroes for Alliance Wars
More than 1,600 Cups
A Defense team with More than 3,000 points
Search for us “Fight Every Day” in the games Alliance tab and join!

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Although not a current member of Fight Every Day, I have strong ties with many of their members, and wouldn’t hesitate to call them my friends. There’s a vast amount of E&P knowledge and skill in this group, accompanied by some great personalities! If anyone chooses to call FED their home, it surely won’t be a mistake.


I know F.E.D from long time and i recomand this alliance to all players that wish a family and a truly ambitious home

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I approve this message. Also there is enough room here where a merge may be possible. Contact if interested. LineID: Coins808

Y’all put together a great guide on the Pirates of Corellia event (I linked to it on the wiki even).

I see one for Guardians, too. Any plans to do as thorough of a guide for the other events? Have you already done so without me finding them? Love your work.

Time Permitting I can…

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