Come Join Ace Nation!

Two different core groups of players merged and became Ace Nation! Currently fighting 11* titans, very active in-game chat, competitive wars, yet we all keep priorities in order: real life then game.

No pressure to spend any money or do anything that makes the game un-fun for you. Mid-game player outgrowing your current alliance? We’re happy to be the place where you can keep growing. Experienced player looking to ease off the grind of the top 100? We’ve got a place for you to relax and just enjoy the game!

One spot open, and it’s yours for the taking. We’ve welcome a bunch of new people in recent months, and we’re having a ball. Search “Ace Nation” in the alliance search, and mention Forum when requesting to join. If you see us at 30/30, you can find a way to reach me, Dawn, in our alliance banner, and I’ll make sure to reach out to you the next time we have an opening.

Happy gaming!

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