Come have a look at our library free

EAST OF THE EQUATOR has a few spots left, if you like 100% participation, have 1800 cups and want to fight 10 star titans, then this is the place to be.

Give us a look, we have an extensive library on our discord channel free to look at, just ask us how

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Come and look at our library on game playing

Just hit link above and we will let you in

Must contact us through discord

Free to try, if your a good fit for us, and us for you, your in one of the best alliance you will find.

Great bunch of people, with a great stack of E&P resources. Super happy I found this gang.

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Must have discord to contact, but dont let that make you miss out on something great.

Took a look, you have nothing to lose

We are one of the funnest alliances out there, and very knowledgeable members that will be glad to help

Great team! We are competitive - but not with each other. Have a great sense of humor & do make fun of each other (but in a good way)… Very supportive team. Click on the Discord link in the messages above & check us out!

East of the Equator: Sincerely one of the best alliances out there! Friendly, reliable, with

Discord is a requirement - click here to drop on by & get to know us!

(sorry - earlier links not working… so ok… not the most technologically savvy clan, but we are funny!)

Garnet Velvet
Team Leader

It’s fixed now I hope, just scroll up

Took a look at us. Its free

Hitting 10 star titans, 1800 cups required to join, but library is still free to look at, come on in,.

C’mon just check it out

Only one spot left ,get in while you can

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