Transendance alliance is looking for 2 active daily players. We are a friendly laid back group and someone is always willing to answer any questions.

Only requirement is to be 2000 total power and regular titan participant. Newer players with unascended 3* or better heroes will also be considered.

Hey @hondohardin I can’t find your alliance! What am I doing wrong? I searched alliances…

I had to go check and its totally my fault. Ihad never noticed our British leader that left last week spelled it TRANSCENDENCE and spell check didn’t catch it either. So it’s either that British difference or a Southern difference, but come see us!

I was wondering why Wizgoth left. Any idea?

He got a warning about posting recruitment ads in peer support chat. They were actually ads for his player’s guides, but there isn’t supposed to be any ads there. He got really mad about the reprimand and left in about 15 minutes. I also think he may have been a little burnt out because he was constantly working on the alliance or the guides.

Too bad. Thank you .

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