💜 Come chill out with VioletPancake, and kill 8 and 9* titans with us!

You there, lucky one,

Our dope as alliance VioletPancake is currently looking for a couple of solid new members! We are a very laid back chatty group, that are currently wiping 8-9* Titans off the map. We welcome all levels and understand not everyone likes to raid, so trophies are not an issue. (Our team ranges from 1000-2500) War is optional, but if you opt in you need to use all flags and follow war strategies when we’re using them. We put real life first! So all we ask is that you let us know if your going to be off for more then 3 days. We use discord to talk outside the game, but it’s not mandatory.

Whether you’re an experienced player, or a newer one, we’re always happy to share tips and help you grow. Come join a fun, active alliance with great people that you’ll want to stay with. Our chat is primarily English, but we have members from all over the world. Feel free stop by and say hi to all of us!

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