Come and join the Death of Chronos!

We are a laid back team pushing to be more competitive. We would live to get to 12* titans but we are short 10 people…multinational group!
Line ID: nilla_gorilla

What star Titan are you currently on?
Do you use a war strategy or FFA?
Do you colour co-ordinate war tanks?
Do you have people from the UK in you alliance?

I am looking for an alliance mainly made up of UK and European based players. 2/3 wave war strategy can be hell with multiple time zones (just my opinion)


9-10* Titans
No war strategy but we do have a few that tend to do cleanups
We do color coordinate tanks, and do change from time to time
We have members in US, UK, Italy, Hungary, and Sweden if my memory is correct

This is manly for anyone else in our alliance as they ^ spoke to someone else before I had a chance to reply…but again, welcome home JGE! Still have room for 9 more if anyone else is interested!

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