Come And Join The Assassins!

Hi all!

Are you looking to join alliance? Not sure who to join or why?

I’ll make a simple post about the alliance I’m a member of, Assassins Inc

  • We are an English speaking alliance from various parts of the world. From Britain to various parts of Europe to America and others!
  • We currently have 29 members, the lowest level is 28 and the highest is 69 and a good range of levels in between. So we need one new member to fill the roster
  • Cups / trophies do not seem to be a requirement but a similar level to what we have will benefit you vs Titans etc
  • We currently hit and kill around level 10 Titans
  • We use in game chat and Line chat (a free app on the Play / App store) to communicate
  • We have a very simple to understand war strategy and system which would be explained to you
  • Our only real rule is to always use your Titan and War flags. If you won’t be available to attack in the war, all we ask if you opt out in time
  • Some members chat a lot, some are silent, it’s good either way as long as you’re getting your hits in!

I’ve been a member 350 days since posting on here looking for an alliance, everyone is friendly, helpful and will always give advice if you have a question. I’m now a co-leader :slight_smile:

So if you feel like the alliance sounds like a good fit you you, give me a message on here or search Assassins Inc in the game. Let me know you came from seeing this post.

Any questions feel free to ask!



I am interested to join your alliance. My current status I am on level 31 and my team power is 3k. I am F2P player and I spend only for VIP. Please let me know if I am fitting into your alliance.

Join us and see how you like it :slight_smile:
Your team will only get stronger mate. I’m free to play too so understand how slow the progress can feel!

Quite a few of our members joined at lower levels but have grown with us.

As long as you listen to the war tactics, use your war flags and titan flags then everything is good :slight_smile:

Search assassins Inc in game and you should find us

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