Combos shouldn’t charge enemy specials

More often than not, I find myself rooting against combos during raids and wars. There have been countless times that the one extra combo is just enough to charge an enemy special, causing me to lose the fight. I understand the initial attack charging the enemy, because there is some control there. But when you have the player rooting against combos, I feel like something is wrong. Combos should always be good, in my opinion.

This is intended

And has already been adjusted at least twice

Further reductions to opponent mana gain from combos made by the player.

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I’m not talking about them attacking first. I’m talking about combos charging attacks. I also realize that is intended. I just feel it is flawed game design because it has the player rooting against combos, which is counter-intuitive

But them attacking first AND charging from combos ( they are part of the same adjustment) is designed to balance the fact you get combos and the defense team does not.

With a rainbow team, combos do a devastating amount of physical damage. This is increased by Wu Kong and the rumored Class update. If my attackers are a good match to the defenders, I always want huge combos. It is how the designers intended.

The defense team gets a +20% on damage since its attacks are random.

Defense team gets a trickle of mana since it cannot make matches.

But by knowing these rules, and the ability to build an attacking team knowing the defense heroes, lets you beat a higher power defense team if you have a decent roster of classic heroes.

You have a huge advantage over the A.I. No matter what the Devs do. But the Devs want a good defense team to at least challenge an attack team with the same team power.

And still the Devs nerfed defense team mana from combos at least twice.

Those are all fair points. I understand it is done to assist with balancing, and I actually do very well in raids. I’d actually just prefer the enemies have even MORE increased damage, or that their specials charge a little more each turn.

I don’t like the fact that some of their strength is tied to our combos, because I just feel like combos should always be “good.” We should always be happy to see combos fire off. Just my opinion. But I do understand the reasoning and appreciate your response.

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