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My issue I’ve been having is when I attack and have combos sometimes when the first part of the combo hits doesn’t register/count it. I’ve also noticed that it says hero missing when it’s not and after so many hits it corrects itself. I have this issue with titan where I can hit the weak spot more then 3 times and it doesn’t stun them. Also I get the same issue with titan and raids, so I don’t play raids anymore. Is anyone else noticing this issue cause as a low level every hit counts and it’s hard to progress if some of my hits miss. I have repeated this issue every time I play and if you want to check get one of each color hero and watch closely at your attacks/combos.

More information needed or some proof.

Screenshots. Videos. Better explanation?

You are saying the attacks miss, so if they do, it could have many reasons.

  1. You use wukong or ranvir and therefore miss attacks
  2. Enemy special (drakefong, neith, justice) fired at you, therefore you miss attacks
  3. You are attacking 2 or more ninjas, their family bonus is that you miss some of your attacks
  4. Enemy fenrir has low hitpoints and due to his family bonus you miss some attacks

Never ever have i seen missing attacks without any effect being active. Ever.

So, you said you repeatet the issue, then it shouldnt be a problem to show some evidence with a video


Well I have wukong and I know about it so avoided using him and it has happened to this titan. I have no way to record this. But one other person I know had this issue. I used a 5 pattern combo thing on the titans weak spot and it did nothing to stun it like it should have. Also noticed that even if you don’t have the hero it can still stun titan but it doesn’t always work

I can understand if I was blinded but I should be able to see some kind of stat on my hero saying it but I never do.

Rare titans can’t be stunned by their color, red Tiger can’t be stunned by red tiles etc.

If you take less than 5 different color heroes in raids (or anywhere) when tiles with color that you don’t have (for example you took 2 reds, 2 greens and 1 purple) then blue and yellow tiles will say “hero is missing” or something like that

:point_up_2: possible solutions

That’s false for me cause I can do that even if I have no hero of that color. It will only do 1 per tile hit but it will still stun them depending on titan. The higher the titan the less likely to stun it with or without hero’s color. Now this is just what I’ve been dealing with apparently there are others who experience this too.

Titan level has nothing to do with stunning.

There’s only two ways for 3 tiles on the spot to not stun:

  1. Rare Titan and one or more tiles are the reflection color.
  2. You have an accuracy debuff and so one or more tiles misses.

Edit: really, you need to record video to prove your claims.


Well for me it does cause I can hit that spot 3 or more times and depending on the titan I can stun and other times I can’t. I have no accuracy issues or reflect color damage. Something is wrong with combo hitting titan in the weak spot! You know what I get the rest of my alliance to stop playing cause I’m done. I have 4 star hero’s and I can only do under 10k damage cause stun isn’t working. I’m done with this bs game, war is bs with the exploits so you can’t win in war.

If you really want to test this out for yourself this is what you do, take hero’s with no accuracy effects against a titan without reflect on. Have them all different colors and see if you can stun them with all the colors with combos but watch your combo closely cause the first hits for me doesn’t count. The next test is use hero’s that are strong against that hero. You should be able to still stun it without the colors you have it will just do 1 tick of damage. Almost all titans can be stunned without hero’s

Although you were ‘done’ with this game for two weeks, you are still worrying about that issue. Thanks for your endurance! :+1: As it still seems, you are the only player realizing the described issue yet, there are two more or less probable explanations:

  1. there is an issue that is so special that no-one else expect you was able to detect yet
  2. there is no issue and you oversee or misunderstood some game mechanics

We would happily try to help and rule this out. But either way, as you describe it being reproducible, record a video, post it here and I’m sure you will get help and an explanation.

TLDR: no proof, no solution


Tested it.
Stuns 100% if I get three tiles on the weak spot.

Also think that you have some problem understanding the game mechanics.

You would need 3 tiles to hit the weak spot, to be clearer: all 3 tiles directly need to hit there. So the 3-tiles need to go vertical, not horizontal.

And that should be it for now. The forum is full of helpful players, but so are many alliances. Ask around ingame if you cant figure out how to properly stun a titan.
The forum and especially the “bugs and issues” area should be kept as clean as possible to have space for “real problems and bugs”

Maybe even just close this topic instead of warming it uo every two weeks. No offend.


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