Combo counter and raids – move to a different location to avoid blocking health and mana bars

This is probably more personal preference, however…

When conducting a raid, and one is fortunate to get a combo the combo counter will grow in size and cover the health bar of the middle hero. It would be helpful to see the health bar during the attack.

Thank you.

Please change the location of Combo indicators on the battlefield. Now it’s hanging in the center of the display and enclosing the health and mana scales of the central enemy. Of course I can see the results of my attack when it ends, but I’d prefer to have a possibility to see everyone‘s statements anytime I want to.

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I don’t know if this is the same across platforms and devices, but for my android at least I cannot see what’s happening to my opponent’s tank. Combos block the health and mana bar so I can’t see if they’re close to dying, procing, whatever. You could argue it doesn’t matter but not being able to see your progress is just silly. Can’t it just be moved to the top?

Moved to Ideas, as it’s a request for a design alteration rather than a programming or mechanics issue.

Please move the combo notice so that it does not block the view of the opponent’s middle hero’s special bar. I want to see how close their tank is to “going off” or dying.

When I get combos during raids, the combo words cover the middle enemie’s health bar and I can’t see the health status during the combo attack. It would be nice if the words were moved down a little so that I can see the health bar.

We all love to watch the tiles hit the tank cascade after cascade in raids and war battles (if they are the right color ofc course). But those combos flash into the center of the screen and we are no longer able to see the health bar of the tank and approximate how many more tile hits it would take to dfeat the tank.

Is it possible to have combos pop-up in another part of the screen?


You can’t do anything anyway in between cascades going off.

Afterwards you are able to plan new.


Doesn’t the combo fade away after a split second? Why match before that?

I track the health bar every time cascades hit an enemy and it is such a useful time-saving practice. The only position I cannot do that is the tank

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Yeah agree with this a you have no control of cascades until they stop! then decide what to do next! :woman_shrugging:

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If you click and hold on the enemy it will tell you the health that the enemy will have next time you get to play. The cascade and all the enemy moves, and effects like poison etc. are already included in this, it’s just the animations that take time.

This is resolved. Thank you for listening, dev team