Combining Titans and Alliance WAR

Ciao all,
I searched the forum but I didn’t find anything close to this idea of mine: combine titans fight with alliance war mechanics.
The idea is simple: two alliances fighting the same titan but, here’s the twist, using only:

  • a pre-determined number of attacks (e.g. 6 like in alliance war)
  • no items! (or at least no Titan flasks)

Of course the alliance that score the most gets the best loot (like in alliance war).

I think this could be a new approach to the game where two alliances have to combine their forces to defeat a common enemy and not simply against each other.

This could be a monthly event, or you can have it weekly instead of one of the two alliance war, or whenever SGG decides if it deems it worthy :smile:

Also, this may be a way to create new 20*+ titans with higher XP (but no higher damage! :smile:)

Let me know what you think.

Interesting idea ! Instead of a titan 20*, why not 2 titans 9*, not same color, on the board…

Also very interesting, thanks for the feedback!

This is an interesting idea for a new game mechanic.

Did you see this thread from @JonahTheBard? It had a different take on the idea of a War/titan combo that was also interesting, albeit different from yours.

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Why not, always open about new gamemod !


I do not do alliance wars, and I have no intention of bothering with some war-like titan either.

EP is a game, not a job.

Presumably you could opt out of any war/titan sort of combo, just like you opt out of war. But just because it’s not appealing to you doesn’t mean some players wouldn’t like it. :slight_smile:

Yes, I saw it while searching for my idea before posting it. Albeit it is an awesome idea I like/hate the field help as it is. :slight_smile: thanks for the feedback though!

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It is cool with me if you don’t like it and consider it a nuisance. My idea is just a suggestion to spice things up, nothing more :slight_smile:
But thanks again for the feedback

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