Combining heroes

To bring some more creativity and uniqueness to the game, how about a feature that lets players combine up to 3 heroes to create a unique one? I’ll explain this feature in list form:

  1. You can combine 3*, 4*, and 5* heroes
  2. Requirements: the heroes have to be the same class and all have to be maxed (talent levels not included.)
  3. If a hero’s special has more than 1 ability you would have to choose 1 to carry over to the “new” hero.
  4. The mana speed would be the average of all 3 (fast, fast, average = fast)…for 2 heroes used the higher speed would be used automatically.
  5. Once the new hero is created, the 2 or 3 heroes used will then be removed from the player’s roster.
  6. A token to reverse the combination and give you back your 2 or 3 heroes can be found in Wanted missions, Titan loot, War loot (or maybe cost around 500 gems to reverse)
  7. The new hero would inherit the highest attack, defense, and life from the heroes used.
  8. The player would choose which hero to keep as the new hero’s name/look. The new hero’s card will have some sort of effect around it (sparkling, electricity, etc.) to show that it is a unique hero.

For example: You combine Kadilen, Melendor, and Caedmon (all Druid class). Kadilen’s special is 190% damage to all enemies, +74% defense against special skills for 3 turns. Melendor heals all allies for 42% of health, debugger to enemies, Caedmon’s is 340% damage to target and debuffer as well. You can choose the new hero’s special to be 190% damage to all enemies (Kadilen), 42% heal (Melendor) and 340% damage to target (Caedmon…which means the enemy targeted would receive 340 + 190 = 530% damage while the rest would get 190% damage)

For Melendor, I obviously meant debuffer…autocorrect is SO helpful lol. There would need to be some adjustments to this feature as some of the heroes created would be pretty overpowered. I just thought this might add a pretty cool twist to the game.

Reminds me of the fusion dance. :smile:


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Monk class.

Several would work, can try Joon

Sparkly Tarlak
Attack: 824
Defense: 830
Health: 1437

Average mana

All allies get +100% normal attack for 4 turns. Stacks with similar status effects up to a maximum of +160% normal attack.
All enemies get -44% defense for 3 turns.
Deals 468% damage to the target.

The idea is not new (other gacha games tried it) but will never make it as it is against the law in certain countries like Japan.
Needing multiple premium cards to create a new one is forbidden there.

But I don’t dislike the concept (except your example looks way to powerful). But they need to make cards that can’t be summoned for it and I don’t see that happing for this game.

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