"Combine" & Reroll Heroes - a fair way to reduce the frustration of horrible rolls and keep money coming in

CLARITY EDIT: This system does not allow to change heroes into a higher tier. To roll a 5 star you would need 5 star heroes to “combine”. Same with 4 and 3 star dudes.

The idea is simple. Allow players to combine a number of heroes of the given level to receive a hero of the same level that is not present on the player’s list of heroes and was not in the rerolled bunch.

  • Reroll 10 Rare heroes into a new Rare hero.
  • Reroll 5 Epic heroes into a new Epic hero.
  • Reroll 3 Legendary heroes into a new Legendary hero.

Additionally, it could take color into account. If a player rerolls ONLY heroes of the single color, the resulting hero will also be of that color. Much easier to shoot for the one you want, but also much harder to gather them, so I think it’d be fair still.

This way:
a) players still have to rely on the RNG factor, but it’s a little less frustration. Also if someone has full stable of heroes and waits for that one he needs, they know they can get it for certain. This reduces the potential frustration of the paying/long time players (they still have to roll 10-5-3 of the heroes to eat so money gonna flow lol). And the real block on the way is ascension items anyway, so I think it’d be a nice thing to do for the dedicated folk.

b) If someone gets really dicked by the RNG and rolls 5 Skittleskulls in a row or 7 Banes in their Elemental Summon at least they can get something out of it and not feel seriously bitter about the game.

c) A bit more depth into utilizing needless heroes. Do you feed them? Do you keep them for a reroll?

d) Hugely helps to remedy the problem of repetitive hero rolls in 10 Elemental Summons.

Very simple system, but I think it could help remedy a bit of player bitterness coming from a particularly nasty RNG while not hitting SG’s pockets.


Where do I sign up! My last three Dark pulls netted me 9 Reinfield, 9 Balthazar, 9 Oberon, 1 Ciprian, and 2 Rigard. Some pretty expensive snacks. My Dark heroes would appreciate a little more variety in their diet please.:nauseated_face:

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I’m afraid it doesn’t work because you can produce infinite numbers of 3* and 4* heroes through training camps given enough time… it’s not just roll issues.

The percentages are low because they designed it not to be pay to win: sure, you can invest heavily and accelerate things a lot (troops are pretty much P2W but it takes a lot for marginal improvement… I would need on the order of 300 rolls aka $500 USD to go from 18 to 23)

I get rolls are frustrating, but ultimately all spending money does is accelerate your progress… Coppersky has the same green hero I do, and I know she’s spent little on the game but she’s also been playing it for months longer. In the end you can either spend money or be patient, where that line falls for everyone is a personal choice.


Well if you’ve got a 100 heroes you won’t benefit from rerolling 5 into 1 anyway. I’m not sure where it conflicts with the system?

3* heroes would never be rerolled into anything but 3* heroes, 4* into 4*, 5* into 5*. It would not allow people to use 3* heroes to gain 5* in any way.

Why would anyone spend money when they can just rush to TC12 and then combine their hearts out for 5*?

(I’m an idiot, RIF, ignore)

Why does anyone spend money now if they can just rush to TC20 and roll heroes to their hearts content?

It takes a long time to acquire three 5* heroes from TC20. And there’s a big chance then you will still reroll into something you don’t like, only instead of 3 crappy heroes you’ll have 1.

EDIT: No no, you misunderstood the idea. As in my edit above (too fast lol), you can only combine three 5* to roll a new 5* hero.

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Because that’s 6 months or thereabouts.

I could rush TC12 in a month or less, easy.

(I’m an idiot, RIF, ignore)

But that in no shape or form would give one access to a 5* hero in this sytem :slight_smile:

This is for a case where let’s say you roll your 2nd Leonidas and feel you’ve been dicked twice. You can roll a 3rd Leonidas and then reroll them for a chance at Vivica, Joon, Justice. Or you can use 2 Leonidas’ and say 1 Elkanen and roll for any 5* hero you don’t have in your stable :slight_smile:

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Meh I misread sorry.

Hah, happens to all of us! Thanks for resurrecting the thread :smile:

I’m not sure of interest for 3* but I sign for it. Would be great. Most of my 4* heroes are duplicated. For reroll of 5* I would have to be patient. I got one in 8 months so before I have 3 to reroll, it would take some time :stuck_out_tongue:

Aye, that’s exactly the point. The easiest to reroll, the 3*, would be for people who, for instance, want to “catch them all”. It’s of no real value aside of simple fun of gathering/hunting for some specific 3* you may want for an event.

4* is where it could be at for majority of older players. If you have all 4* but one, it can get really frustrating to try and hunt it. At the same time, it’s not worth to ACTIVELY hunt it. Gathering 5 of them to nab the elusive one seems like a fair road to the goal.

Or, for instance, if someone needs a healer and has a horrible luck getting one, they can grab three of Cyprian and Tiburtus and be guaranteed to roll Rigard or Sabina. Still requires a fair investment, but it’s a guaranteed outcome that facilitates progress and makes disappointing rolls not be absolutely worthless.

Rerolling 5* is obviously either for people who invested a lot of money into the game, or those who played for a long time and had garbage luck. If you collect three 5* heroes you hate you’re probably pretty salty and a possibility of turning them into something potentially desirable (it could not produce one of the three or something already owned) might be a nice relief of the frustration and add additional depth of choice for the players :slight_smile:

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Thumbs up.
For me this system may take in consideration even the level of the hero/heroes you “fuse”.

I mean, burn maxed heroes must have some kind of advantage.

Thumbs up. Looks like Small Giant has decided to make an offer on li xiu. I got it 3 times this week :frowning: Two tokens and 300 gems…