Combine Raid Tournament Styles

What about combining the raid tournament styles. Right now, there are 3 distinct styles:
Buff Booster
Bloody Battle
Rush Attack

But how about a raid that would combine 2 (or all 3), such as:
Rush and Buff
Bloody Rush
Bloody Buff

Or with all 3, The Bloody Rush Buff?

This is a university drinking game. Don’t Google it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha! I’ll take your word on that… thinking on it “Bloody Rush Buff” sounds like an answer that would be in Cards Against Humanity… and I won’t google any of that stuff either. lol.


Count me in from the very first Raid Tournament thread:


Hey, why not boldly go where no hero has gone before? Make it a 1* bloody rush buff! :wink:

Heck! make it a troop only! no heroes allowed at all!!


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