Combat Reflexes - A Veteran Alliance Looking to Expand

Combat Reflexes

  • 22/30 members
  • 600+ trophies.
  • War is optional but must use all flags if you opt-in. Purple tanks.
  • Downed an 11* rare titan, but we’ve been hovering at 10* titans for awhile.
  • Group chat via LINE app, contact ID “justisraiser.”

Our alliance has a tight core that’s been playing over a year, but we’ve always been welcoming towards newer players and many of them have become top performers in our alliance. Our alliance roster has been around 22-24 players for most of our existence, but we now prefer to expand closer to a full 30 player roster.

We have an alliance web site here with more information, updates on our alliance, and general tips and tutorials: []… hope to see you join us soon!

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