Coloured chests

My question is why all my friends I mean all (about 40 people) getting coloured chests every 5,7 maximum 10 days when I need to wait 3 or 4 weeks to get one! At the moment i’m waiting 23 days already and still nothing. This is very anoying. I’m doing 3 chests every day. 1x raid chest and 2x monster chest plus titans chest every couple days of course. Is any one can explain me why is that or what i’m doing wrong.
Thanks you

They appear randomly. All you can do is finish each one as quickly as possible. Spending a gem or teo to rush a chest is a good investment.


Well, I got once a months, but, my last green chest appeared a week after the yellow one. They said you have to fulfill the wanted chest as fast as you could. the last yellow til the green, I realized I done my wanted chest so fast, so the green came up out of the blue.

They are likely completing more chests than you.


No mate. All doing same

That’s what I mostly do pal

I think I get one elemental chest a month. That sounds about right but I never counted. I get excited when I have one but I don’t think about them if I don’t have one.

Friends , I didn’t get epic hero token in colored chest for a long time . Initially I got . I’m sad .

never got any hero token in the chest when my friend just got from any kind of chest

You’re not doing anything wrong. They nerfed the crap out of the elemental chests.
Players aren’t allowed to enjoy great rewards anymore. I think Company gread took care of that. I’ve been playing for 1.5 years now & they are absolutely nothing like what they used to be.