Colour Stacking

I’ve colour stack for months now and only recently started to struggle to get that colours on the board. Even if I go through 30 tiles, I’m lucky to get 1 or two of that colour. Any suggestions??

Either stop color stacking, or stick with it and clear out dead tiles. Those are my two suggestions.

Boards are random.


Yeah but if I don’t colour stack, I can’t compete with the bigger teams. Sometimes it works but I just get raids where I can’t get the colour I want until I’m dead

5 is excessive, you depend too much on the board, better 3 and 2, to be able to wilbur one of them.


Try different color stackings to make you less vulnerable.

3/2 or 4/1 can work just as well or even better than monochrome.


Also, don’t play the board any differently with a stacked team than you would with a rainbow. Our tendency is to try to match all of the stacked color tiles first, which then leaves a board full of missing colors. Go ahead and play off color tiles too, so you can get more of your chosen color.

One last bit of advice…if you’re raiding with monochrome, you have to expect that you’re going to eat a lot of special attacks. Make sure you can stand up to them.


Yeah but even if I went 3/2, 4/1 Or not, I feel like your still counting on the board anyway

I’ve found that a 2/2/1 stack has worked best for me for raids. 2 against the tank, 2 against the next most threatening enemy (or if the defense isn’t a rainbow team, the color that’s strong against more than one enemy), and then whichever hero special I need to round out the team (usually a dispeller or ramming pulverizer).


I used to have a goal in my mind for war: having 6 monochrome teams to use, so i pretty much work with the same teams everytime.

I can tell you that when i start using that strategy my war points drops by far, and lose more battles then before.

I’m a huge fan of color stacking, but 5 of the same color is almost never the best choice for me now, apparently.

Yes, but do not depend entirely on it

I’ve been using 5 blue or 5 red against red and green titans, respectively. In raids, I might do it on a dare. :wink:

You need more diversity in your team composition to even out the bad boards. Too much luck is needed to make a mono-chrome team useful, IMO. A 4-1 team is almost as bad. 3-2 is my limit on concentrating colors unless I’m really desperate and 2-2-1 is my normal distribution of colors.


Does anyone have recommendations as to what colour the healers should be in colour stacking. For instance, against a green tank is Boldtusk a better option or should the reds be two attackers?

I understand the colour stacking concept but get confused about healers versus attackers in those set ups.

I just choose the “best” healer for the job. Defense down? Kiril, Attack down? Boldtusk. Defensive Shield or HoT? Melendor/Sabina. Damage over time or annoying status effects? Rigard. Then of course whoever is “stronger” level/star wise

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It be coded, not random

I figure color stacking comes in either doubling vs the tank or monochrome for max damage. Both have pluses and minuses, but the mono team is way dependent on board/luck.

The doubled strong color vs a weak color tank is one reason defense teams get bonuses. The real trick seems to be fielding a pair which have big attack stats with synergistic specials like Joon/Jackal, GM/Falcon or Khionna/Victor. Your tank should color match the opposing tank, and healers must not overwrite specials.

Try going in with two healers…

I think I’m more confused now than when I asked the question :smile:

Doesn’t matter, usually. Colour stacking affects only tile damage, usually: Specials are colour blind unless otherwise noted.

And many of the newer heroes have elemental features in their specials.

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