Colour of heroes when enemies are: yellow & purple OR red, blue & green

One of the ninja tower levels presented equal yellow and purple enemies at both the initial wave and boss levels. Various map stages present a spectrum of red, blue & green enemies/bosses. In either of these situations, is there any advantage in choices of hero colour and, if so, what are they?

If the bosses Ametrine and Onyx together, I pick the yellow, otherwise I pick purple, because when we use our best purple? :sweat_smile:

And if the bosses Cobalt and Sapphire together, I pick green, otherwise I pick Blue or Red.


Yep. As @jinbatsu said, I pick my mono team based on the offensive bosses. I have to watch out basically 2 elements: purple and blue. Purple bosses are Onyx and Ametrine. Blue bosses are Cobalt and Sapphire. It is imperative that you kill them ASAP since they deal damage and it hurts. The rest of the ninjas are for support. If the stage has those offensive bosses, the deciding factor is the mobs. If there are more blues, I use my monogreen team. If there are more purples, I use my moniyellow team. Haven’t used any tower flask, my best and main monoteams are still intact. Loss 3 heroes due to onuli curses. But I don’t mind since they are minor ones, i.e. 2nd Buddy unemblemed, 2nd Evelyn at 3/70 and 3rd Gullinbursti unemblemed.


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