Colour Blindness

I was just wondering if an advanced colour blind mode or option could be implimented?

For the most part, the symbols on the tiles and such are a great help, unfortunately when it comes to ‘diamond’ and ‘dragon head’ tiles a problem crops up. All too often I have clicked on a, what I thought was, ‘yellow’ diamond only to have all green ‘leaf’ tiles be activated instead. This also happens with the blue and purple tiles as well.

The rings around the enemies are a good help as well…except that the same problem between green/yellow and blue/purple occurs.

Otherwise, am having loadsa fun :smiley:




I can see the difference between yellow and green tiles/rings, but get blue and purple mixed up ALL the time. Mainly just slows me down in the Titan fights and time-based monthly challenge levels, but can cause strategy issues trying to line up combos I guess.

Being color blind is a real pain with computer games in general. :pensive:


I have same problem with the yellow and green head you get from a row a 4. I simply can’t see is it yellow or green. The shields are easy to see because the contrast is different and the form and symbol make it even easier. But in the head, they both are glowing which make them real birght and both look yellow.


I’m new to the game. Gotta say I am loving it! I*m also colour colour blind. The choice of colours for the shields and the use of the icons on them make it easy for me to play compared to other tile matching games.

However, the yellow and green gems are impossible for me to tell apart. The dragon shields are also a problem. I’m also having difficulty seeing the difference between the yellow from green and the blue from purple.

Simple solution would be to increase the contrast of the colours.

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Same issue here. Devs should impplement a mark in skulls and diamonds

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If you have an iPhone/iPad, maybe this might help.

Same here for yellow/green at all places mentioned above: diamonds, dragon heads, enemy color ring AND color bombs in saison events (currently halloween pumpkins).

iOS color filters are a good idea, but couldn’t reduce the problem.

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Also Android has some apps to help with color blindness.


Hope this might help, as I cannot test it myself.

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Same here. I mess up the diamonds all the time and these pumpkins (in the current event) are even worse.


I’m also kind of Color blind and can’t tell the difference between yellow and green in the game which is especially difficult with gem tiles, head tiles and now pumpkin tiles. Isn’t it common knowledge among game developers yet, that there are people with this weakness? Please change the colours to something which is more distinguishable. For me, white instead of yellow would do good, or a darker green, or or or…
How do I know that this issue is heard? Kind regards, J

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Please use the vote button on top of this page. :slight_smile:

@Petri @mhalttu
Not sure if this topic has come to your attention yet, so I wanted to alert you just in case. The green and yellow pumpkins might as well be the same color as far as I’m concerned.


I strongly support this topic :slight_smile: I’m not colour blind but from what you are all saying, I can imagine it would be very frustrating. Especially in things such as titans battles where it’s timed and you don’t have time to decipher which tile is which colour.

This is also one of the few issues/complaints that have some real substance which is quite refreshing. It’s not about things being “unfair” or “hard” or “rigged for money”. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Me too. Previously the shields are of different shapes and I could play with no stress.

Now I’m stressed out cos I could not differentiate the bombs! I could only wait for the timing to go out.

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Just a quick note here, I love that there’s also ideas being posted for how to make things work for people with colour blindness issues. I think if SG does implement something, this feedback and the potential solutions from this thread will be invaluable.

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I actually went to google after posting earlier, and found an ios setting i was able to change which helps. Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Color Filters.
The red/green one works for me, but I’m sure it’ll be different for each of us. Good luck e1!


I came over here to flag the pumpkin issue to @Sara. Not that I’m color-blind myself, but I could see that as a problem. Should have flagged while in beta.

What’s needed is for the gems to all be different, distinct shapes. Not all gems are cut the same way in RL!

E.g.: red triangles
Green “cushion” cut (square with trimmed corners)
Blue diamonds
Yellow ovals
Purple pentagons (not a usual cut, but easy to see)

Once these are in for standard gems, incorporate that coded shape into pumpkins (eye shape) or Easter eggs (eggs paint design) or whatever.


Agreed. That would be MUCH appreciated.

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I posted one possible quick-and-dirty fix for this in a different thread (which perhaps should be merged into this one):


Hello folks!

I don’t know whether this is a common problem amongst players but I want to address it as it’s making my gameplay. This issue was brought up by @TKristensen last November as well.

The main issue, in my case, is differentiating Blue from Purple and Yellow from Green elements in different scenarios.

First instance is in the Hero Roster. If I have a blue Trainer Hero next to a purple Trainer Hero, I can’t tell them apart. Sure, I can open them up to see which one it is, but that slows the process down when I have to do this on most heroes outside the color red. Maybe that small dark space below their image that has their name, stars and power indicated, could have a low opacity stamp of their respective color logo?

smalltrainers stamp vs no stamp smallstamps

Or increasing the contrasts between the colors; make the purple frames a tad darker, yellow frames a tad whiter, and/or the green frames a bit blue (making it more jade than lime)

The second instance is in the actual battle. The shields are extremely distinguishable, but the same cannot be said about the 4-match dragonheads or the 5-match lightning gems, if that’s what they’re called. The red one is very clear, again, but telling blue and purple dragonheads is nigh impossible. Same goes for the yellow and green lightning gems. Normally, I can follow which shields got matched, but everyone recognizes the moment when the game starts playing for you, making multiple matches in a row, comboing like crazy. After these moments, I have to ask my girlfriend what color they are.

dragonheads If I stare long enough, I can make a guess which is which. :confused:

I don’t have an image of those lightning gems next to each other, but the problem is the same as above. I don’t know a good, easy fix here. Everything I can come up with are time consuming recreation of assets. Maybe change the color of the skull itself instead of the glow, or give each different dragonhead a different shaped glow. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The lightning gems could be different shapes.

Another in-combat related issue with colors is the circle underneath the enemies. Telling the green apart from yellow ones is not easy, and usually works faster for me by just sending in some troops, hoping they’re the right ones. Sometimes it’s easy to tell them apart by judging the creature itself, as vampires are more likely purple rather than blue, but a Hound of War is not clearly a white creature. It would fit green as well, even red.


If someone at small giant games read this, I’d be more than greatful! :heart:

Kansan Ruusut alliance, a colorblind player


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