Colors interactions

I want to know does the color of the enemy impacts the damage you take?
I know certain tiles do more or less damage against opposite color. Is the other way around applied too?

For example, if a purple titan attacks your yellow heros is his attack damage boosted? And if the same titan attacks a purple hero, does the hero receive less damage?

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No. Color does not affect slash attacks or specials (unless otherwise stated in the special).

Not at all sure about whether elemental defense buffs affect slash attacks though, I think they do?

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We were just talking about this in our alliance…and while I’m not any sort of authority on the game, it’s my understanding that the color of the titan/raid-war defender affects no change in the amount of damage dealt back to the player…I think this is because the defenders/titans don’t use color tiles.

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Thank you. I agree but wanted to know if there was an official statement on it somewhere.

I’m sure there’s some sort of ‘official’ explaination of the battle system SOMEWHERE, but unfortunately I don’t know where to specifically point you.

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