Colorblind issues

Hello folks!

I don’t know whether this is a common problem amongst players but I want to address it as it’s making my gameplay. This issue was brought up by @TKristensen last November as well.

The main issue, in my case, is differentiating Blue from Purple and Yellow from Green elements in different scenarios.

First instance is in the Hero Roster. If I have a blue Trainer Hero next to a purple Trainer Hero, I can’t tell them apart. Sure, I can open them up to see which one it is, but that slows the process down when I have to do this on most heroes outside the color red. Maybe that small dark space below their image that has their name, stars and power indicated, could have a low opacity stamp of their respective color logo?

smalltrainers stamp vs no stamp smallstamps

Or increasing the contrasts between the colors; make the purple frames a tad darker, yellow frames a tad whiter, and/or the green frames a bit blue (making it more jade than lime)

The second instance is in the actual battle. The shields are extremely distinguishable, but the same cannot be said about the 4-match dragonheads or the 5-match lightning gems, if that’s what they’re called. The red one is very clear, again, but telling blue and purple dragonheads is nigh impossible. Same goes for the yellow and green lightning gems. Normally, I can follow which shields got matched, but everyone recognizes the moment when the game starts playing for you, making multiple matches in a row, comboing like crazy. After these moments, I have to ask my girlfriend what color they are.

dragonheads If I stare long enough, I can make a guess which is which. :confused:

I don’t have an image of those lightning gems next to each other, but the problem is the same as above. I don’t know a good, easy fix here. Everything I can come up with are time consuming recreation of assets. Maybe change the color of the skull itself instead of the glow, or give each different dragonhead a different shaped glow. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The lightning gems could be different shapes.

Another in-combat related issue with colors is the circle underneath the enemies. Telling the green apart from yellow ones is not easy, and usually works faster for me by just sending in some troops, hoping they’re the right ones. Sometimes it’s easy to tell them apart by judging the creature itself, as vampires are more likely purple rather than blue, but a Hound of War is not clearly a white creature. It would fit green as well, even red.


If someone at small giant games read this, I’d be more than greatful! :heart:

Kansan Ruusut alliance, a colorblind player


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